Why Everything Is Okay...

The Ticats yet again are garbage - absolute garbage. There are no saving graces. The defense is pitiful, the aging all-star quarter back has record breaking stats, but does little more than lose and the coach plays country music at practices and shoves Sharpe pens up his nose and walks around the sidelines like a drunken Box J Boy. It reminds me of many pitiful times over the years; however this year is different, this year we literally get to blow the stadium up and start new.

Some of you are critical of Bob Young for all his losing seasons, but folks, remember this...he is committed to many more losing seasons ahead and in a brand new state-of-the-art, mucho-million dollar stadium. What are you complaining about? Anyone else that was running this team would pull a Ballard, yank the lockers out and run back to his mansion away from this beautiful black hole of ours on Balsam and Beechwood.

This season we wanted to win the Grey Cup. I'm sad too. But we have a team and we are getting new diggs. I hope Bob Young is the owner forever, because he's the only guy that can throw loads of cash down on overpriced free agents, lose consistently and say at the end of the day, "Hey let's build the best football palace in the CFL and lose a bunch of more games."

Drop to your knees Tigertown and worship the Man that makes the team keep going. We have so many more years of crapping on this team. We are the lucky ones. And I also heard there bringing back the mens room troughs!


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What's wrong with country music. Hopefully it's the country music from the sixties and seventies when the Tiger Cats played with pride and lived by the motto "When the going gets tough,the tough get going".