Why Everyone So Sad?

Everyone so sad about team here. Everyone cry because we lose. Well i Tell you something about what! We Are Gonna Win the Grey Cup This Year! And If We Don't Win...I will Give everyone who told me i was wrong, I will give them something. So what do you think about that?

Ok Just vote on what you want me to give you if i am wrong and the thing that gets the least amount of votes is the prize i will give away

but i may not actually give away a prize, but if you don't vote, you might miss out.

I'm going for the partially used comb to go with my follically challenged head.

An Argo-Cat fan

I didn't know Ricky Williams posted on this site. :wink:

I'll take the 5 dollars. I'm broke.

ROFL!! Get me a TiCat jersey and we'll call it even. :wink:

well the comb wont do me know good, i think watching everygame this year i pulled the most of it out.. 5 bucks sounds good to me

anyone who doesn't want a burrito is stoopid. :smiley:

And how many burrito's can you buy with $5 stoopid lol

Either the rest of you find the burrito-shaped hat as intriguing as I do, or you need to read the rules of this contesy again.


you do the math. 2-for-1 on tuesdays.


No tacos? And you wonder why people are so sad.

oh wait, that's an old menu. they has tacos now! less sad!

LOL but you could probably get 5 microwavable burrito's for $5.

I'm with Barney, the comb, not for my clean slated head of course, but my beast-brazened gorilla he-man chest. 8)


If you're right and we actually win the Grey Cup, I'd like a pair of tickets to Rome for your canonization.

You won't have to die first as miracle workers get preferential treatment there and in heaven.

Won't you have a problem getting a comb through the curlies? :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

yeah but those would be crap.
these ones are teh awesome.