:x :x :x :x that's all i have to say.

Ralph is a useless sack of feces.

Ralph is way over rated thats why! we have a good
receiver but their not playing him.....HILL!!!!

Flick can catch, he doesn't get the ball too much tho'

K. Pederson is one of the problems, take him out


whos a moron?

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I thought I'd revive this thread in light of the amazing game tonight.

Peterson was awesome (especially after his one drop). And Flick/Vaughn/Morreale/Ralph played pretty well.

I’ll agree with all except Ralph. He could have made things a lot easier with a touchdown catch early on.


Some of you who were not reading the posts in these forums during the game might be wondering why this thread title criticizes the receivers. Well, I have wondered when I'd see a thread created during the game the criticizes members of our team, only to have that thread look out of place after those players improved as the game went on. And with the way we saw better performance in the second half from the receivers, that's what happened.

The receivers definitely needed to improve, and they did. How well did they do by the end of the game? Check out these numbers:


K. PETERSON 7 102 1 28
D. FLICK 5 78 0 43
B. RALPH 5 65 0 21
T. VAUGHN 3 61 0 37
J. LUMSDEN 3 39 0 35
M. MORREALE 2 43 0 31

Click here for my information source.

The best part about those receiving stats is this:

  • 4 receivers caught a pass of 30 yards or longer
  • 2 others caught one for 20 yards or better

What a difference from earlier this year.

Posters 1,2,3,4,(5) also known as poster 1… are friggin MORONS!!!

Any other questions??

The question is, can they do it again. Consistency is a big issue with the receivers. One week they look fantastic, the next couple, not so good. Peterson is the perfect example of this. I don't think he has strung together two good games in a row. This has been an issue for the Cats for the last couple of years.

I can't believe that Ralph dropped that touchdown pass.
If we could score in the red zone, then we wouldn't have to rely on Boreham so much. This kind of play will win us games against the Esks, but not against teams like the Lions.
Gotta make those catches boys!!