why dont the broadcasters marry charles roberts

"sir charles roberts"... "oh baby what a move"

this guy has some serious skill but c'mon he's not all that. what about reynolds, edwards and keith. these guys can make the moves roberts makes.

none of those guys were on the field.

They always fawn over who ever is playing.

Its not a big deal.

How do you feel about global warming???

the same way i feel about the cbc crew, i hate it.

i hate the CBC crew and they did seem to enjoy calling on roberts. But he had a great season again and another great game up till the fumble

TSN does it just as much!

Its like FYB said. They will swoon over whoever is on the field!

Yadda, yadda, yadda........did get a bit boring..... the "Sir Charles" over and over. :roll:

I will point out how much drewling they do over a BC player next week!

So what, Roberts did get 176 yards rushing.

What about Darren Flutie... He commentated a pretty good game... UNLIKE walby

I dont really like Darren Flutie's commentary.

Only thing that bugs me about Flutie is that he has to learn its "offside" not "offsides"

He also needs to learn the proper pronunciation fo the players names. He seems to try to pronounce every name differently to show off how much he really knows teh players but Im sorry abou-mechrec has a hyphen in the name, it's there for a reason.

Oh and the phrase I got sick of hearing really quick was "the man they call blink". We all heard that nickname and understand why he has it so either use it or dont but stop acting like an arrogant pretentious jerk

There is a solution- either turn on the radio broadcast or --- TURN THE SOUND OFF, TURN ON SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITE TUNES AND JUST WATCH THE GAME.
cfl ROCKS!!!!!!

rIDERS rULE!!!!!!