Why don't team owners spend the money their clubs need?

After watching the American game devolve into a boring spectacle of neverending injuries, self-entitled players, outdated rules and identical, mediocre teams, I jumped ship. Everything about the CFL works to maximize the action-to-injuries ratio, and gametime to down time. From field size to rules the Canadian game is just better. So why don't CFL owners invest more deeply in their teams? I kept reading over and over during the lost season that most owners have the financial ability to right their teams' fortunes, starting with living wage player salaries. And that collectively owners could elevate the league to solid long-term financial footing with effective marketing and media coverage if they were to finance it themselves. Why don't they? Many NFL owners spend like drunken sailors. The NFL isn't a better product but it is financially stable. It succeeds because people are habituated to it and it spends the resources to stay in your face 24/7, 365. What gives? I want this game to last.


Ticat wise there normally would be more local marketing if not for pandemic can't comment on other teams though

The NFL is in the black. Spending in the NFL gets covered. Spending in the CFL may not get covered.

Owning a pro sports team is a status symbol and has a lousy return on investment. Only the super rich get to own a team. There's nothing to envy about owning a pro sports team. Owning a team makes a multi-millionaire into a millionaire.


and cfl wise usually there would be some marketing / ads done in partnerships with team sponsors but likely due to pandemic that isn't happening at the moment

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You seem very out of touch with Canadian sports culture and Canadian football in general. You must be American.

The CFL has roots that go back to the 1850's. It's MUCH older than the NFL. The game has lasted, and will continue to.


I don't know if you were paying attention but the CFL didn't play in 2020 because of a thing called COVID, they didn't have the money to play, it was cheaper to shut down than play with zero fans in the stands. The league tried to loan money from the government then looked at funding from a merger with the XFL. The CFL doesn't have a billion dollar TV contract, $4.6 M each doesn't go very far.
With the big losses that have mounted up, teams won't be making any money this year. Even the richest team in the CFL lost a lot of money and most fans attending games this season will mostly be season ticket holders that paid for their seats back in 2020 and teams won't be making much in ticket revenue this season.

It will be years for most teams to pay back the debt and earning money.


Some teams could earn enough money from merch sales and tickets and sponsorship money to break even .

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Because the bread-and-butter businesses (each CFL owner's cash cow that made it possible to buy a status symbol team) that subsidizes the CFL needs to be taken care of first or there is no CFL.