Why Don't Canadian Billionaires Also Invest in a CFL Team?

I find it strange how guys like Ted Rogers are dropping millions on a baseball team. And Ted Basille and Mr. Katz will spend millions trying to buy a hockey team. (Although I hope BAsille is successful!)

When you can buy a CFL team for peanuts in comparison, yet get a team in a league that is popular across Canada, and is growing in popularity.

Especially when there are untapped gold mines for football in this country, like London and Quebec City.

For the amount of money a guy like Ted Rogers has lost on baseball the past five years, he could have bought a CFL team and built a nice little stadium.

I just don't understand why Canadians with money won't invest in the CFL more. At worst you'll lose peanuts. At best you'll make a little money.

But you get a team in a league more popular then every sport except hockey. At a fraction of the cost Rogers paid for baseball and MLSE paid for basketball. With a fraction of the expenses.

I don't know why we have to rely on Americans to buy our teams, when we already have people with money in Canada. What is up with that?

I've always thought the same thing. My guess is that their egos get in the way of investing in the CFL.

I really do think some of them get off by competing with the big boys down south!

The CFL has a Rep as a Money Pit...
People who have Money want to make more money
The can't do they in the CFL at this time.

A CFL Team loses money it is a Fact

It is? Every team? I find this hard to believe.

Plus they do market research and think with their heads, not their emotions. Thats why all those “pie-in-the-sky” expansion dreams wont be any time soon. The millionairs have done their homework based on facts not emotions.

I don't think he's a billionaire, but Frank D'Angelo wasn't allowed into the CFL owners club, for reasons we all debated.

Why corporations send our jobs to other countries??? the Cfl is certainly not a gold mine , or blue chip investment, in terms of ,monetary return, a loss of 3 million over 10 years is a good tax write off though. or so ive heard..,. why Canadian billionaire's. dont step up ????

I think its pretty simple. They are not CFL lovers. Personally, I dont want them. It never works to have comebody buy a team they dont really have their heart into.

BTR - some billionaires, millionaires anyhow, have purchased CFL teams.

Footbalyoubet said it.

They don't buy teams because they don't like Football. If they liked football they would say :
"I should Buy a Brand New Team and call them the Windsor Thryll Masters!"

They don't like Football, maybe not enough money in it. Not Billion Dollar contracts like baseball. The more cash the more fun.

not all do....and the ones that do lose money dont lose nearly the amount that the bluejays do...

the jays lose more in 1 season than a CFL team does in 5 ( maybe even more than 5 ).

How much did the teams lose last year?

I don't know. The Canadiens had to rely on an American to save them, because no Canadian stepped up. Thats very sad.

Robert Whetenhall bought the Als. He doesn't seem to need to play with the supposed "big boys". Why can't a Canadian?

And to the guy who said they can't make money on the CFL? Oh please.

Ted Rogers loses millions on the Blue Jays. MLSE drops big money on the Raptors. These teams don't make money. A Cfl team is a much better investment then baseball or basketball.

I think the problem in this country is echoed on this board. Too many people with American inferiority complexes who think there's no way anything Canadian can be successful. Especially when compared to the hallowed Americans.

Even though the bloody evidecne shows the CFL is successful, while these American sports have been obvious failures up here?

I guess the problem is too many small thinkers in this country. I think I've answered my own question.

Misconception. It's not just in the CFL teams lose money. There was a time not long ago when the Vancouver Canucks were losing 35 million. Probably better then Edmonton, Calagary and Ottawa at that time. Losing 1 million or 35 million? CFL is not that bad of an investment.

There is a major big difference between the CFL and the NBA or MLB and to lesser extent NHL. The big difference is exposure to the US Market. Both the NBA and MLB provide that in spades to both the business community and to the owners that own them. That is why you have rich Canadians stepping up to try and buy teams. In Canada the NBA isn’t successful, Vancouver lost their team because the fans stayed away and the corporate sponsors stopped coming. Toronto might not survive another 5 or 10 years. With baseball, they have a captured market in terms of broadcasting. But then again that could change.

NHL survives because it is Canada’s game. In most major Canadian markets it survives on corporate support and fan support.

The CFL just doesn’t have that corporate draw. It doesn’t help when the league bails out franchises every 3 or 4 years. The most of these franchises fail because of mis management and lack of corporate support.

You know. Rogers owns the Blue Jays, but I doubt you'd find one American who knows that.

MLSe owns the Raptors, but I doubt you'd find one American who gives a rats rear end.
So much for your point about American exposure.

And as far as teams dying, you just mentioned the Grizzlies and Expos. Thats 50% of the teams in this country. With the other two being far from successes. Not a very good track record, would ya say?

And with better ownership, you wouldn't have the money problems some CFL teams face.

Bottom line is the small time mentality up here has to change. As long as many up here have this inferiority complex, the CFL will continue to struggle for Canadian investors.

All I can say is thank god for the Americans, or we'd have lost most of the pro teams in this country! They make Canadians look bad.

Edmonton is averaging 40,000 fans after two games. Their next home game is against Calgary so get ready to have that number rise even more.
Let's say Edmonton makes about 1.3 million from ticket sales per game, that's about 12 million in the year for that. There is also the TV deal, merchandise, concessions and many other revenue streams. Not to mention a potential home playoff game which would be a few million more in ticket sales and concessions.

With a four million dollar cap and at least 20 million in revenues, I find it hard to believe that this franchise is not in the black.

There might be a couple franchises that are still losing money, but ticket sales seem to be steady in all markets and league popularity is extremely high, I can't imagine any businessman would have to expect to lose money with their franchise.

There seems to be a disconnect between East and West here. The 5 western based clubs enjoy a great deal of support while the 3 Eastern clubs languish in anonymity. Western Canadians seem to give a damn and not feel inferior, its Eastern Canadians that do. And then Eastern Canadians turn their noses up at Western Canadians and smugly think that they are better than Westerners because they don't 'delude' themselves into thinking they are great! This comes from the mouth and mind of an Easterner.

It's eastern canadian MEDIA!

The Ti-cats, Argos and Als are doing fine attendance wise.

TO seems to average 29K
MTL sells out every game(and tickets cost alot) 5K more seats for 2008(hopefully)
Ti-cats are average 25K, if they got a win in the first 4 weeks they would likely do better.

The only game which has had under 25K fans at it other then Montreal(due to stadium reasons) was the second Hamilton game(they were 0-3 at that point)

The next 2 lowest attended game are:
Sask 25.8K week 2
Sask ~27K week 3

the CFL is no longer a money losing venture, providing teams stay within the cap and of course don't have really stupid expenditures(like any other pro team in the world)

The WBB made money last year, Edmonton and Sask.

All 3 of those teams gave out 600K$ in bonuses to their players and went over the cap, yet all 3 also made money.
Last year Winnipeg averaged.. 27K in attendance and had the added expenses of temp seating.
this year winnipeg is averaging 29.5K(3 sell-outs) through the first 3 games.

I find it strange that people don’t seem to acknowledge the very rich(not sure if their Billionaires or just very close) CFL owners/prospective owners.

Let’s see:
-David Asper is buying the WBB, what is his networth?
-Frank D’Angelo tried to get the Ottawa franchise and he was backed by a Billionaire pharmisist(Doctor)

Current Owners:
David Braley - is he Poor? he’s donated like what… 80M to Hamilton over the last 6 months
Bob Young - Ti-cats owner, seems well off.
Ted Hallard - Calgary owner. I never knew he was so poor as seems to be indicated by saying the CFL has no rich owners…
David Cynamon - not sure if Canadian or american(believe is canadian)
Howard Sokolowski - not sure if canadian or american(Beleive is canadian)

American Owners:
Bob Wetenhall - is making the Als very strong, needs those extra 5K seats at Molson.

Community owned teams:
Sask Riders - Made money last year and gave out 600K in player bonuses + were atleast 500K over the cap
Edmonton Eskimos - have atleast 10M$ in their war chest, made money last year + were over the cap by 500K + gave 600K+ in bonuses
WBB - made money last year(yes due to the grey cup), were over the cap by atleast 250K + gave over 600K in player bonuses

all player bonus money is not part of that teams money spent over the cap

Now the CFL might not have only Billionaires, but all owners are what? a networth of 100M+$? I’m sorry but I’m not picky enough to care that they only have atleast 100M.

There is no ownership Crisis with any current CFL team, where is the issue?
There are owners apparently lining up for Ottawa(going by Cohon there is interest)

The biggest Barrier right now is to get stadiums built, that means Federal and provincial funding.

Spending 40M on a stadium is alot of money, CFL teams make money, but not insane money.

something like 1-2M a year depending on stadium situations. But teams are not losing money, atleast on average.
1 team will lose money, but gate driven league and your team goes 4-14 your walk-up attendance will hurt by mid-season.

**Next Season IF the cap stays where it is, CFL teams should average 2M$ profits, but the cap will likely rise(just hopefully not too much)

4.5M cap should be expected for 2008, remember TSN deal gets respectable at 16M(or 2M per team) in 2008.

Maybe the CFL B of G's don't like his singing. :lol: