Why don't all teams do this?

I was watching The Score and listening to Duane Forde last night and he mentioned that BC's approach to qb preparation is that all qb's are prepared more equal for each game rather than, like most teams he said, the starter getting most of the reps and focus and the others much less.

So my question is, why don't all teams do this if what Duane says is true? I mean the Lions win alot as we know. :expressionless:

...the lions had to take this approach because realistically it was a toss up between Pierce and Jackson as to who was going to start....was there ever any question that Ray would start?....no, so why waste reps on Leflors (is that right? I will eat crow if that isn't right) when clearly he is not starting.....

Good point Red. That would be my guess too!

And . . . just because it works for one coach does not mean that another coach can adopt it into his practice schedule and make it flow like magic.

Coaches run practices the way the coach sees fit. Not the way other coaches see fit.

It's pretty simple, when you've got a QB made of glass your backups better be ready. I think it's more out of necessity than just a good way to run the QB situation.