Why don’t CFL teams use the I-formation more often nowadays? (& other alt formation discussion)

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I formation works well for counter plays, too (how's that for old school!) Where you fake to one back and have him block the hole left by the pulling guard, who is headed to the other side to lead block for the 2nd back who actually gets the ball.

Ah the old days of run strategy.

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We also used to run a halfback pass where we'd play action to the halfback, step behind the FB block, and the HB would come out the other side of the A or B gap for the short pass. I used to audible to that if I read 2 deep zone with a wide receiver set. My TE would run an out to pull the LB, both receivers run streak or corner, and the play would run strong side so the pass would go to where the sam had just vacated. We'd run it from either I or T.

If we had done it a few times, the safeties would creep up.. that's when we'd throw a deep double move post.

I'm thinking you probably tried to keep an eye on the TE running that out before releasing the ball to the HB. That could have been a good option as well sometimes if you're reading a 2 deep zone. Those deep guys have to cover the streaking receivers.

But thinking about it, the HB is a safe play with the linebacker gone.

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I'd watch the TE all the way to look the LB over to him. Then pivot and throw to the HB after the TE made his break

Yeah, that's good execution.

When it worked! Lol! It was still high school ball, after all.

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Miss that play.