Why Doesn't the CFL have an ALL STAR game??

Why DOESN'T the CFL have an ALL STAR game??

CFL cant afford it.

Maybe it's time to add a new category to this forum on the great "All-Star game" and "CFL Video game" debates. There seems to be about 2 new threads on these 2 topics every week.

I think the NFL should forget the Pro-Bowl, nobody cares about it anyways. All-Star games in football don't work. Do a CFL-NFL All-Star touch football game, nobody gets seriously injured, money for charity, this would be great.

The old CFL All-Star games weren't attended very well at all.

All Star games, regardless of the sport, are a colossal waste of time.

Not to mention they are incredibly boring.

You could make an argument that baseballs isn’t a complete waste of time because they seem to at least put some effort into defense.

All-star games were made for tv for a time when you could only really watch your team on tv and didn’t really get 250 channels and could watch every game played. Now that you can see every player and know so much about them for the sports you follow all-star games are now corperate smooze fests.

Keep in mind that all games of the cfl are on tv (could be wrong don’t know the schedual for next year) so why would they play a meaningless game where the players could get injured?

Baseball works because the all-star game more closely resembles how a normal game is played, unlike football. Hockey, well, I would never go to a game because it's really just fast adult shinny but people do go, crap hockey though.

I'll agree with that. Each year I say I'm going to watch the Pro Bowl. And each year I don't remember until the second half.

I don't agree with this. I enjoy the NBA's All-Star Weekend (even if the slam dunk competition this year was a total farce).

...because in today's internet driven world the voting would be by online methods and basically the western team would be the Saskatchewan Roughriders...

...its true, tell me I'm wrong...

but, how did stegall and jones manage to win that travesty of a vote???

True, and True

There were a couple that had not bad attendance. the one where the all stars played the GC Champions was actually not bad. The only problem is injuries at a game like this. A guy like Jemenez would probably take someone out in a nothing game. Oh right he did that already.

:lol: :lol: When you're right, you're right...

if attendance is the concern, u caould always try a first game at molsons stadium and sell-out the 20,202....then try a slightly bigger stadium like taylor field....and if that sells-out, then try canad-inn stadium....and so on...smaller to bigger.

don't try to pack BC place with the first all-star game, cuz when you only get 30,000, it would be called a failure right away.

or hold it at laval...like the NFL has thiers at a place where theres no team, we could do ours at laval...sell-outs there year after year would eventually get them a team, i would think.

but if the main concern is injurys, then i agree, dont have one.

Why? Because the last one was in 1985… in Montreal, I believe… broadcast on “national television”…

…and the only ones who watched were me and Bernie Ruoff’s mom!

Why? Indeed!

The only way this might work is the Grey Cup winner vs. the rest of the league's all stars and play it at the Grey Cup winner's field. But when? Maybe make it the 1st pre-season game, kinda kick off the CFL season that way, might be fun.

I could've sworn I read somewhere that the CFL was planning an all-star game...

I'd watch a CFL All-Star game, for sure. The more football the better.

I would prefer to see it as a pre-season game myself with East vs. West. Play it in Halifax or London or Quebec City or a U.S. site even. Just don't play it after the Grey Cup b/c let's face it, after GC football's over in this country.

I shouldn't put this topic to the top of the page but I can't help myself.

I'm also a NFL fan and I refuse to watch their all-star game so I wouldn't be watching a CFL one either. Football is a team game and players have to be on the same page to look good and play better. An all-star game doesn't allow players to do this. Many plays are timing plays that take many practices to develop, something an all-star game doesn't have.

Also there probably would be a no blitz rule like the NFL pro Bowl and that just completely takes away from the game.

The only football all-star games that work are the college ones because those kids are actually playing for something, their careers.