Why doesnt the CFL ever come to Vegas to get players?

i just found this site and was wondering why i have never heard or seen CFL on tv.. im one of the best DB's to walk this planet and most ppl tell me i should be in the NFL because im better than more than half the cornerbacks there.. but i dont have the money to go try out for teams an i dont like to borrow money from anyone.. i devote my life to football and everything i do is for football thats why i dont have a job.. i was watching highlights and thinking to myself i can out play all of those DB's i have seen on the site and out play any of those wideouts that were put against me.. Yes i went to college on a schlorship but i didnt have the money to eat nor to buy materials need for school so i had to leave.. but if i had the chance and money that most of you have now or had i would be one of the best to ever play the sport of football right behind my mentor Deion (PrimeTime) Sanders... VegasKings football.. LCFL west

Ohhh boy. This has to be a joke -- and a good one, too!

Ivor Wynne Stadium has pretty small tunnels from the dressing room. Its likely that your head wouldn't fit through them. So, yeah, your best bet might be the NFL.

There's only 8 teams in this league, so, by my estimation you could've sent videos to each of them for about $10.

But, yeah, things are tough all over. I can't imagine why CFL scouts haven't heard you talk about yourself.

If you we're even a half as good as you 'claim' you are then a team regardless of the league would have given you a tryout.

People often say I play Hockey similar to Alexander Ovechkin, but I broke my one & only hockey stick when I was 9 & couldn't play again.

i have been offered for people to help pay for me but thats not the issue. I'm not one for putting someones money on my shoulders and making sure i make a team just so i can give someone their money back.. Thats a good ideal though.. $10 you say right? i will see if i can get that.. Thank you.

The human race is dead
There's not a single head
Wherever I see
There's no one but me
The last nuclear war
A horror never seen before
Nobody could understand why
Everybody had to die
But the planet is still alive
Nature did survive
A world by my own
But still all alone
I'm the last man on earth
Radiation got me as well
Made me immortal in this hell
An old dream coming true
But why now when there is nothing to do
Since then I've been searching around
Going from town to town
Could it only have happened to me
Am I doomed to be...
The robots are now in control
Better be aware of their patrol
I have everything to fear
If they find me out here

rftt, what, exactly, do you mean by that?