Why doesn't Quebec City have a CFL team?

I would like to know why a Quebec City doesn’t have a CFL team. Laval is becoming a football factory. The team could have French Canadian players which would reflect the community. The stadium could be updated to accommodate CFL football. To me it makes more sense than Halifax.I guess it comes down to finding investors, and right now there just aren’t any.

The investors part is the problem. You need investors for the team and investors for the stadium.

And a 25,000-seat open air stadium will have a hard time paying itself off with just a CFL team as anchor tenant. So that rules out private investors building just a stadium. Cities will sometimes build such a stadium, but for mid-sized cities like QC, it’s not easy to justify taxpayer expenditures unless they can use a stadium of that size for a lot of events, like amateur sports, concerts, and festivals.

The Ottawa model of combining a stadium with larger commercial and residential development may be the only way another CFL-sized stadium becomes feasible for investors. As we saw with Ottawa and now with Halifax, such arrangements can take years to iron out.

Quebec is a far superior market compared to Halifax. The Laval stadium was designed in such a way to preclude a pro football franchise.

A new stadium would need to be constructed. Federal and provincial funding is pretty much a given. The new franchise would have to co-exist with Laval but I’d bet they’d be pretty good partners within a couple years.

Aubut the former owner of the Nordiques tried and they wouldn’t allow the CFL at Peps stadium .

Others tried as well but now they made the stadium unable to be properly expanded and this is after a federal money expansion with an upper deck on the one side .

Is their interest yes look at the game atmosphere in this Laval football promo :

Simple answer is that they don’t have a CFL sized venue, nor any prospective buyer/owner.

Fact is every City in Canada that has a stadium with at least 22.500 seats has a CFL team. Hence why Halifax has never had a team.

Some previous discussion on it that might be of interest:

At one point, a new stadium was offered to move the Ticats when they were in a stadium fight. It never happened. CFL were fools for not jumping all over that and bringing in a new club at the time. The funding went to a new arena instead.

The NFL is hesitant to move into established NCAA football centres. For Canada, I think the CFL would have problems moving into Quebec city as the football fans, are fans of Laval. It would be seen as competition to Laval, not the next step for their players.

Flip side, Quebec doesn’t usually have much issue in getting Federal Spending.
I remember reading an article years ago before the Quebec arena was built, that part of the Provincial investment made was actually Federal funds sent to Quebec that were supposed to be for health care. Hopefully untrue.

Of course there is an empty Arena, so the CFL could introduce a Quebec team that plays arena league rules for its home games. :o

BTW it must kill hardcore Nordique fans that they host the Canadiens minor league team now.

If Quebec owners emerge in Montreal that have allies in Quebec City this could/should translate into a resurgence of Canadian Pro football .

The natural rivalry for Montreal is something that should have been pursued 50 years ago before Laval University’s emergence as a superpower in the CIS .

Tried to get to the bottom of it, but soon discovered that my command of the French language is… No bueno.

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The Rocket Play in the city of Laval, not Laval University.

Yes, Laval is a major suburb of Montreal.

My Bad, Thanks for the clarification.

So is the Quebec City Arena completely empty, or do they have a junior team?

Just looked up the arena, not sure why but the name of the structural and service engineering company sounds familiar, SNC- Lavalin?? :wink:

Quebec Rempart of the QMJHL play out of there.


(Videotron Centre)

So its just a junior team. That has to hurt with the investment in that arena.


It was built with the hopes of also getting an NHL team

Not only is it the site of a QMJHL team, it is also the gun that NHL owners put to other cities’ heads when they want a new arena.
Hopefully with a Seattle team on the way, future NHL expansion will involve Quebec and Hamilton (or somewhere in Southern Ontario).
We can all dream. can’t we?

No stadium. No owner.No interest.

But yes they can lay claim to having a new white elephant paid by the taxpayers for an NHL team they will never get.
Makes no sense.