Why doesn't Grey Cup get broadcast on CTV

They are owned by TSN and this would allow millions more people that do not have cable. I understand that TSN wants more people to purchase their channel, but as a league this should be looked at...

CTV owns TSN.

The contract with TSN allows for the Grey Cup to be broadcast on CTV but so far that hasn't happened. I think either CTV's contract with the NFL makes CTV broadcast their games that are the same day as the Grey Cup (ie can't drop 1 NFL game that will be on at the same time as the GC is on) or CTV is afraid the Grey Cup will get higher ratings than the Super Bowl or both are the reasons it won't happen.

Didn’t CTV show American Idol or Amazing Race or something like that on Grey Cup night? Whatever it was, I thought I read that they got somewhere around 2,000,000 viewers. Perhaps the people who make the decisions figured CTV and TSN would get more total viewers by broadcasting two different things than they would by broadcasting the same thing on both networks. Would CTV be allowed to ditch whatever show it was so they could broadcast the Grey Cup?

Not ditch it but air it in a different time slot on a different day or something. CTV is going to have to rearrange their schedule for the next couple of weeks while the Olympics are on and they’ve done it in the past for other special event programming (ie election coverage, for example).

So there really is no good answer why CTV wouldn't show the GRey Cup the same time as TSN to generate millions more fans...

...American Idol was on...

Guys, don't worry about the numbers too much, the CFL and TSN (BellGlobemedia) know what's going on and it makes a great partnership. The media likes to make a big deal out of numbers this and that but it's more for just reading.
People who tune into the Grey Cup to watch are more interested fans than say a channell like CTV or CBC that everyone gets but a lot of the extra viewers don't have the real interest. Quality viewership is better on a speciality sports network.

CTV won’t show the Grey Cup because they want to promote the NFL in the hopes of getting a team for Toronto.
If they did promote and show the Grey Cup, it would have easily drawn well over 6 million viewers.
But they keep it on the smaller TSN so it won’t hurt their NFL audiences.

Meanwhile TSN in turn shows and promotes the NFL.
So we have 6 networks, TSN, RDS, CTV, CITY-Tv, The Score and Sportsnet that all avidly promote the NFL.
While its mainly only TSN that gives the CFL any decent coverage beyond game highlights.
Pretty sad eh?

Uh oh... They're playing the NFL over the CFL AND American Idol over Canadian Idol... Somewhere in southern Ontario, Berezin's head just exploded! :lol:

There still IS Canadian Idol?

Yes Artie, there still is a Canadian Idol, I'm surprised you didn't see berezin on in the last show. :slight_smile:

Sorry berezin had to do that. :slight_smile:

Canadian Idol was suspended for the 2009 season "due to the economic climate" but they said it would be back for 2010. So far nothing's been announced that I've heard or found.

They could have aired American Idol on a tape delay basis after the game. It's not like it's shown live across the entire country.

RDS shows all the Als games
Its hard for CITY the score and Sportsnet to show CLF games when TSN has exclusive rights :roll:

American Idol is not on in November when the Grey Cup is on :roll:

Got to give theScore credit though. They do a great job with CIS football, with weekly broadcasts as well as most of the playoffs.

Not being affiliated with Sportsnet is not a bad thing, that network is average. Not to mention they won't promote TSN's product seeing as they're competitors.

How are we supposed to know what else was on? We were watching the Grey Cup. :wink: :lol:

Whatever CTV aired, it was likely nothing that could not have been pre-empted.

It was probably the remake of Heidi, starring Miley Cirus.

I was looking up something else and found out that it was The Amazing Race that was on CTV opposite the Grey Cup.

well you cant stop a race.

But it's not a live broadcast - they could have definitely pre-empted that. I don't know why people critisize the CBC so much. Compared to CTV, they are a heck of a lot better at supporting Canadian sports and athletes.