Why doesn't Glenn run?

He said this year he would run more. It's not like he's the slowest guy out there. I think if he would run more often it would change the dynamics of the offense.

Glenn doesn't appear to be that tough. He always appears to get injured and is slow to get up from every little hit he receives. Thus he seems very apprehensive and tentative when he finally decides to bolt and looks like he is running for his life.

Glenn is slow and has an awkward gait.
He runs like a penguin who was shot in one leg.

Why doesn't Porter throw an accurate ball?
I thought he said he was ready to be the #1 guy...

Who said he's ready to be the number 1 guy? I missed that.

There were numerous times last year Porter complained that he wasn't getting playing time and I believe he had said he was ready in the pre season.

Glenn's immobility sure limits his effectiveness, and I'm still not sure about Porter one way or the other.

I also don't know what the alternative is right now.

A 37 year old Henry Burris? I dunno!

Who else?

That's the biggest question...
Do the Cats think Boltus has the skills? If they do I would cut Porter and Move Boltus to the top and keep Glenn around to mentor him some more. If you do that you can also bring in a few other young qbs and get a look at them in training camp and pre season.

I wouldn't think that bringing in QBs to training camp is a solution.

Development seems the smart thing to do, and that's what they appear to be doing with Porter.

Remember, it took Danny McManus 6 seasons to become a starter, so some patience is needed, but at what point do they declare Porter to be ready?

How possible is it that he may never be that capable starting CFL QB?

I think they should trade/release Porter, See if Boltus can be number one in training camp with Glenn as his back-up/ mentor. Also go after Kellen Moore if he does not go to the NFL. And hopefully either Boltus or Moore will come out of training camp as the new Lulay of the league.

Can you provide examples or quotes that support that statement? Especially the words “numerous” and “complained”.

Not even guanna try and look, if you wanna know where he said that read through the scratching post...

Interestingly enough, there is already an active thread on Porter, for those who wish to discuss him. But then you would know that, since you started the thread. (You even said "I cant believe there isn't a thread just on Porter")


Didn't see that thread, thanks for pointing it out though :wink:

A virtual rookie out of training camp with next to no CLF experience? As a starter?

My first reaction is "No way!"

I'm not surprised by that response. My point is that I don't believe your assertions are accurate; particularly as it relates to the two words that I cited above and since you're the one who's made them then you should provide examples. Its easy to play fast and loose with so called "facts".

Simple answer. Kevin is not very athletic compared to Lulay and Pierce. The later have much better arm strength and accuracy and are able to run very effectively. I guess that Anthony C ran for more yards than Glenn this year. Either you have it or you don't. In my opinion, Kevin is in the not category.

I really can't see Moore not getting drafted, and if he isn't drafted I'm almost 95% sure he will be signed as a rookie Free Agent. If we were going to go the option of signing a kid out of the NCAA, a guy like Stephen Garcia (South Carolina) may be a good option as he does play he the strongest conference in the NCAA, he also is a proven winner but he does have some character issues. Another option may be Jordan Jefferson (LSU) who also plays in the SEC and is a proven winner (although he has quite a team around him). Finally if I had one last guy to suggest it Marshall Lobbestael (Washington State) although he lost his starting job after an injury, he is known as a leader who is ready to commit and battle for a job, he also has put up some good stats when he was a starter and in relief of the starting QB at Wash St.

I wouldn't be against giving any of these guy a shot in training camp, can't hurt to try em out right? If anybody investigates into these guys stats, I strongly recommend you compare them to current former NCAA QBs (All almost :lol:) in the league and see their college stats.

Hey fine then. I'll back Makaveli up. Read this for your required proof:

[url=http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/06/04/porter-insists-hes-content-to-be-a-ticat/]http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/06/ ... e-a-ticat/[/url]

That's once, not "numerous", and he recanted.

Where are there numerous others?