Why doesn't Glen Suitor work the CFL east games?

I understand Glen Suitor is based out west, but why doesn't he do CFL east games, like the other analysts, or the TSN CFL in studio panel?

TSN must believe that since he attends Rider practice all week and has relationships with the players and coaches that it brings more to the broadcast to have him do all of their games.

It doesn't. It comes across as a biased local broadcast.

He knows where Rider players spend their off days, where they volunteer, etc. Nobody else though

Only Glen and TSN know the answer. It's really no one's business but theirs.


Most likely, it's about travel. To get to Toronto from Regina - first you go somewhere else (Edmonton Calgary) then on to Toronto. Then if you go to Hamilton, Ottawa, or Montreal, another flight, or rental car and drive.

Maybe he doesn't need the hassle of three flights and a full day of travel when he can catch a flight to a western city and be at his hotel in the time it takes to get on a flight to Toronto....

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Don’t want him doing more games, leave him in the west.
He never shuts up just drones on and on and on and on.

Can we set it up so Andre Proulx only works east games?

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the west coast doesn’t want suitor. send him to sask to do charity and promo work.

Glen Suitor lives in Vancouver, not Regina.

I don’t mind Suits.

I don’t see the bias that everyone is talking about. But then, I'm a Riders guy, so there may be some confirmation bias.

yea i used to see him occasionally around town.

Maybe it saves on travel expenses for TSN.

Out of Toronto you can take the train to Ottawa/Montreal and drive to Hamilton so maybe that was the plan.
Or with all the trouble with air travel in Toronto coming out of Covid it just made more sense to have him stay in the West.