Why Doesn't Cohon Respond to The Negative Media Coverage?

If I'm Mark Cohon, and I read these hacks like Stephen Brunt or Dave Perkins or Paul Freisen gleefully predicting the demise of my league, I'd be out there fighting back.

Instead we hear barely a peep from this guy, except for mentioning how the NFL will "protect" the CFL.

He should be out there being aggressive and telling people how it really is. Becasue right now the anti-CFL media is spreading lies and rumours without any basis in fact, and nobody from the league says anything.

Cohon better speak up and challenge these writers, because they're tarnishing the leagues image and prestige.

Relax, Goodell and Cohon are discussing now according to Captain on the TiCats site about some CFL promotional aspects from the Bills thingy in Toronto. From what he heard on the Fan 590.

Once Cohon starts addressing every “Toronto deserves an NFL franchise” and “the CFL is dead now that the NFL has invaded Canada” articles, then the media boys know they’ve got him right where they want him. He needs to show patience and spend his time discussing things with Goodell to get an agreement in place between the two leagues and some marketing strategies.

If there was only one personality who would stand up and defend the CFL against this hipocracy and obvious smear campgain, he probably could be elected Prime Minister. But who has the cajones to go up against Toronto's billionare power-elite? There is probably just too much up-side to not play along.

But I believe the CFL has such grasssroots support this country, whose voices are not being heard, that this person would be hailed as a saviour and the one shining light in a morass of capitulation and deception.

Cohon is obviously not the guy. Would he risk his entire reputation on taking a firm stand against an NFL invasion? Or is it wiser to collaborate with the enemy, rather than be crushed under their might? Then work behind the scenes to cut the best deal you can with the occupying forces?

But as we have so often in the past, eventually right wins over might. One day the voices of the common man will be heard on this issue, and believe me, those in power will be hearing it loud and clear:


Bob Ackles has done a nice job of it.

...maybe Cohon is in Goodells pocket......just kidding...i can't believe we're not hearing from other CFL clubs owners though...besides Young...As a prospective Wpg. Blue Bomber owner, namely Asper...you'd think he's be worried about his investment in the team and new stadium ...with the nfl knocking on the door and sniffing around....if i were him i'd be a little uneasy....I'd like to hear what more owners think...cuz if anyone has concerns...they should have...?????? :roll:

I don't think he really needs to stand up and shoot down the negative things being said about the CFL for the simple fact that I believe most people who read the negative stuff already know it's a load of smelly stuff.

I also don't think it's nearly as prevalent as you make it out to be, most of the writers in this country write good things about the CFL, no need to give the few that don't the extra limelight by complaining about it.

Well, even Bob Young didn't slam the door in the NFL's face. He just said he would like to have a comprehensive agreement with the NFL done before he enters into any marketing deal to sell Bills tickets in Toronto.

…quick way to give them the brush-off by Young …cuz you can bet there ain’t gonna be no ‘better’ comprehensive agreement with the nfl…at least one that doesn’t benefit them the most… :wink:

In general, Cohon has been invisible most of the season. You always heard from Tom Wright when he was Commish. V, radio, newspaper clips.Cohons lack of comments doesn't surprise me.

Marty York reports that Mark Cohon is trying out for the next Walt Disney Movie...."The Invisible Man", comming soon to a theatre near you! :roll:

.....i think a few people are beginning to have reservations about Cohon sport.... also I was really taken back a bit by 'pinners' comments yesterday, regarding the Bills coming to T.O., in that, i fail to see a real benefit to the Canadian Football League as a whole through this nfl engagement...How do you think the other teams or in particular, the Lions, are going to benefit sport...????? :roll: :lol:

Zero papa zero.

One thing about Tom Wright, he was a leader and kept on top of the issues. He had a very difficult job in trying to corral the CFL govenors to move in the same direction. Wright only lost favour when he didn't recongize the severity of the problems in Ottawa and was away on holidays when the dam finally burst. But Wright was a consumate professional and was a credit to the CFL.

Cohon still has to make his mark on the league, but he seems more like a guy wanting to "smooth things over" rather than making an action plan and sticking to it.

This is poised to be the biggest cash grab to come along in sports in a long time anywhere.

The Bills are going to leave TO every year with a big suit case full of money, just what that struggling franchise needs, and you can bet the CFL is going to be getting a little pound of flesh from it as well. And, at the end of the day, TO will still be left without an NFL franchise and the CFL will have developed another revenue stream, for the next five years anyway.

Keep up the good work Mr Commish.

Piggy I agree with you. This nothing short of finding a way to take advantage of those " i wanna nfl team fans " $250 per game up front. Only su-ckers need to buy! Good ole Ralph loves it he can tons of that money headed his way. I do not think a Bills fan in New York would support their team by going to TO for the games thinking that hey we might be supporting the move of the team by going up there. On the other hand you will get those wanna B's in TO going crap thats a lot of moeny for a football game. Ralph is using the Canadian football fan to generate money and popularity of his team. Sor to f like a drug dealer. Give the ma taste and I will get more fans from southern Ontario to come down to Buffalo to fill the stadium. I hope it back fires big time not for the CFL but those su-cker fans.

I don't think Mr. Cohon is as willing to appease the media as Tom Wright was. He isn't as visible as Tom was and he doesn't seem to say a lot media wise but I don't doubt he works hard behind the scenes.

It hasn't exactly been an easy year for him to start as the commish with all the suspension/appeals and general dirty play that has gone on this year.

I'm not about to crucify the guy just yet.

I read how 7 out of the 8 CFL owners are currently against this policy of appeasement and working with the NFL.
Personally I don't get it, the mouse is looking into the mouth of the elephant and not attempting to fight for its life.
Stand up and put up a stand.

This concerns me also. Will the potential of an NFL team in Toronto derail the Winnipeg stadium and styme
future growth?

All right, Cohon has commented.

Everyone feel better now?

All this TO stuff is all speculation at best it doesnt suprise me not to hear much from the CFL. MC and the owners are, and will do their best. Very good letter to the fans though by MC.

I'm glad he FINALLY responded. I know I have been critical of the invisible Commisioner.

Do I feel better? I'll let you know after year three of this experiment! :wink: