Why doesn't C Williams return kickoffs?????

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I can hear some of the reasons already, but none are going to convince me.

Chad Owens never comes off the field....most every other kick returner returns both kickoffs and punts.....

CW only caught one pass last game, so keeping him "fresh" isn't an issue....

Every kickoff is a missed opportunity....by choice...

I wouldn't have him back there for every kickoff - the guy looked totally exhausted at the end of the LDC as it was - but I would put him there occasionally, especially when we absolutely need points. And maybe have an oxygen tank on the bench like they have (had?) for Owens.

That said, kickoffs are more dangerous for returners than punts and field goals, as the coverage team is made up entirely of big, fast players all running at the returners at full speed. No slow linemen to run around. The only guy on the field that returners might not have to worry about is the kicker, and most of them probably outweigh Williams.

Not sure you want to risk having your most valuable player, who happens to have a smurf-type body, returning kickoffs. At 5' 9" and 155 lbs, do you want to expose Williams to those special teams head hunters on kickoffs running full speed down field at the returner with one purpose in mind?
Owens is exposed to the same type of violent collisions on kickoffs but at 5' 8" and 180 lbs, I would suggest that he has a body type that is more able to sustain the collisions that will inevitably occur. In addition, Owens has years of experience at the job.
Returning punts is different - lots of lumbering linemen and others on the field whose sole purpose is not to seek out and destroy the returner.

This has been discussed at length before in another thread.

And to your point about most every other returner returns both kickoffs & punts ... No. Wrong. Just Owens. If they do, they're return specialists.

And with respect to every kickoff is a missed opportunity, actually other than the ones that start the game & 2nd half, every kickoff just signifies that you've allowed the other team to score. That's all it does.

You're not looking for a discussion if you have already dismissed every reason before anyone even makes them. If you can't be convinced that you're not right then this isn't a discussion, but an argument.

I was going to write the reasons why, but FenderGuy69 (who is as knowledgeable about football as anyone else on this board) already covered it. No reason to say anything else when it has already been said.

I'm okay with Chris not returning kickoffs. He's built a lot differently than Owens his. Besides, it's easy to say now that Owens has no problem doing it, but we're only half way through the season. It still remains to be seen whether or not he will fade at all down the stretch.

Thank-you Blogskee Wee Wee! Much appreciated & I will say likewise.

Oh sorry…I didn’t realize that the “knowlegeable football people” had spoken!!! Wow…

Fact is, every kickoff is a missed opportunity. I am aware, thank you very much, when kickoffs are performed. Howevever, CW has set a single season record for kick returns for TDs and he has done so in HALF a season, and NEVER…NOT EVEN ONCE returned a kickoff, even late in a game when we need a touchdown (every game it seems).

I didn’t realize that Owens was such a hulking figure. That explains him being able to do it.

And…I didn’t say that most “receivers who return kicks return both…” WRONG…I said that most returners return both…

Thanks for all the knowledge guys. I’ll let you get back to film study.

Apology accepted.

I believe you made my point for me. You did say returners return both. But aren't we talking about a receiver?

I'll get back to film study so that I can credibly, knowledgeably & articulately contribute to these "discussions". You can return to whatever it is that you do.

Quite an opinion of yourself.

When you disagree with someone, it doesn't mean it isn't a discussion. Many "football people" like yourself would like to see CW return some kicks.

We are talking about a returner who is also a receiver. Like Chad "the hulkster" Owens.

Pretty sure this sums you up. "I'll start the discussion but I'm not going to listen."

And "yes", a football guy like myself would like to see a player with Chris Williams' excitement & game changing ability return kickoffs. We're just telling you why it's not going to happen on a regular basis.

Here's my response to the original question in another thread;

For punts and FG's it's about protecting the punter/kicker first then these bigger guys run down field to make a tackle.
For kickoffs you are not protecting the kicker, the goal is not blocking but to send all of your fast, strong guys downfield and their only goal is to tackle the ball carrier. It's more difficult to return a kickoff since everyone on the kick team is trying to tackle the KR. So it's better to have a bigger running back type to take the punishment. CW has a better chance to run back a punt for a TD so let him keep doing that. If he ran back kicks he would take quite a beating.

The fact is that EVERY returner in the league does both except Williams......Owens (also a receiver), Taylor (also a receiver), Washington, Brown, Burnett, Jackson...they ALL do both.

Except Williams.

I guess those coaches don't understand the intricacies of the return game like you do.

Back in the late 60s and early 70s, one of our primary punt returners was Garney Henley. During those years, he returned a total of two kickoffs, probably for the same reason Williams doesn't return kickoffs.


You're forgetting that Williams starts at receiver. Of those guys you named, only Burnett and Owens start on offense or defense. And neither of those two guys have a kick return for a touchdown, so having them start while returning kickoffs and punts can't be too effective.

OMG, what a lame thread this is of course he should be returning Kickoffs maybe not all but certainly some key ones especially at or near the end of a game when we seem to need it.
I'm tired of watching some backup run straight into the wedge or the oncoming tacklers for zilch.
This is just another example of us getting outcoached.

Actually I've thought about it too myself. Most kickoffs will allow a returner marginally more time to gain momentum before being smothered. I'd like to see how the kid fares.
Speaking of returners how many of you guys remember Johhny Rogers standing ridiculously deep then purposely running blazing fast and catching the punt on the fly? Talk about instant yardage. Wish that was a skill that could be taught.

Careful...this opinion will result in insults and abuse from those who disagree.....as stated before....Williams is the ONLY kick returner in the league who hasn't returned a kick off. It is perfectly reasonable to expect a threat like him to return some kicks, especially late in the game when we need a big play.

Cue the abuse.

More info from the "stupid crybaby dummy" who is just plain "wrong"..

2011 Chris Williams returned 12 kickoffs for a 21 average....and....get this .....a touchdown!

Lucky he's alive.

No one said he never did return kickoffs. All we did was give our opinion upon why it's not the best idea to have him return kickoffs.

As you've looked at the 2011 statistics, you will also notice that only two times was a kickoff taken back for a touchdown. Once by the aforementioned Chris Williams & once by Chad Owens. Even Marcus Thigpen who was our primary return specialist last year did not return a kickoff for a touchdown. Two times in all of 2011 & not once in the first half of 2012.

I won't speak for everyone else here, but I think the bottom line is risk/reward. Kickoff returns for touchdowns are few & far between & a rarity. The risk far outweighs the potential reward especially when you consider the diminutive size of Chris Williams and the fact that he's a starting wide receiver & returns punts & FG attempts of which all have much greater potential to be returned for touchdowns than kickoffs.

Clear & concise answer. No abuse.

Lastly, before you start calling for mods about personal attacks & abusive language etc, check who started slinging mud originally is this actual thread. It was you TommyBoy1.

I have no problem or issue with you. We're all fans of the TiCats & want to see better this season. But when you start a post with "Discuss, but nothing will change my mind" you're obviously looking for confrontation.

I play nice. But when provoked I will respond. I believe someone else said this to you as well in another thread. It's up to you to listen.