Why does TSN show garbage time when there is a double header

I’m a Bomber fan and could care less if they get a touchdown to close the gap to 25 points… like who cares… While we watch Ac do kneel downs Brock Ralph is catching and running for 50 yards… Then TSN sends us to Vancouver just in time to see the ball in the air and then caught for a TD… Why… Just seems stupid really. TSN is lucky there wasn’t a chalege early in the first half or an injury at anytime during the game or we would have missed the TD…

They need to add a good 15 minutes for the first game. Especially since they decided to add more commercials this year

One of these threads starts every year. The answer is that TSN (and CBC did this as well, other than the famous rain delay game in Regina which they never came back to at all) that they will always finish programming that they started, no matter how dull. And it is not just CFL. When NASCAR (yawn - speaking of dull) is rain-delayed and the race takes longer, the start of the Blue-Jay or CFL or even NFL game, whatever is next on the programming, will be missed. (I think that, now that they have alternate feed channels, they move the overlapped event to the alternate feed.)

i agree...what happens if the first game goes into OT....and when it switches over to the second game its 21-3 or theirs a milestone or record set

Completely agree. Start the pre-game show (i.e. have a 15-minute pre-game show) half an hour earlier and the first game 15 minutes sooner.

Actually I meant they should start the second game 15 minutes later, but your way works as well

If this game went 15 minutes later tonight...I'd for sure have to call in sick tommorrow...

Yes I work Saturdays.

i was thinking the same thing when durign the bomber/als game they mentioned that the esks and lions game was starting.

i wouldnt be surprised if we really did miss the TD and TSN just replayed it for us to avoid complaints.

I just don't understand WHY TSN doesn't do PiP.

They just need to do a better job organizing and giving themselves a little room for error. I'd rather them have extra time in between games then missing the start of games.

What happens if one of those Rider games was the early game of a double header? It would get pretty ugly.

What's wrong with having a split screen like they did when they showed the Lions/Esks game kick-off? Just keep it up there until the first game is over and go to full screen for the second game.

Yeah dude or switch between games for offensive plays, game just finishing gets real tiem feed game just starting gets delayed.