Why does TSN allow CTV/NFL ads during CFL games?

While watching the Argos/Cats game on Monday, I was confronted with slick ads from CTV promoting the NFL with the emphasis on starting "SUNDAY at 1:00." They only had the guts to run these ads during halftime (I saw it at least 3 times) and not during the CFL game.

With TSN and CTV being controlled by the same corporation (CTV/Globemedia), it's not surprising that they would run promos for their sister stations. But Sunday at 1:00 just happens to be the starting time for the Als/Lions game on TSN...and TSN is running ads imploring football fans to watch the NFL instead? And not one word on the broadcast about the upcoming Sunday CFL double-header? No ads, no promotion, it's like the CFL doesn't exist...and this is the CFL host broadcaster!

We can only assume that CTV reciprocates and runs CFL Sunday promos on their network? Good luck!(But I have seen some GC promos during SB on CTV, and vice-versa.)

The most galling factor is CTV is using the tremendous 1-million Labour Day CFL audiences to draw viewers away from the CFL over to the NFL! Considering the poor 75,000-200,000 TV ratings the NFL usually gets in Canada, now they are reaching into the heart of Canada's football audience with TSN.

It is one thing for a network to broadcast ads for other network's programming, but to allow them to attempt to steal viewers away for a competing program in the same time slot? There is not another TV station on the planet which would allow this...unless their is something "funny" going on here.

Like the fix is in for the CFL, (at least amongst TSN/CTV/Globe & Mail, which TorStar owns a large % of). This conglomerate obviously see's more future profit margins with the NFL in Canada over the CFL...which they seem to be trying to tear-down and marginalize...while indoctrinating the NFL into Canada (with TSN's NFL/Canada Fantasy league ads on CFL broadcasts, for instance.) And no, the NFL or CTV doesn't pay for these promos. These would be classified as station promotions or public-service announcements, as TSN is restricted to 8-minutes of ads per hour (which they often exceed.)

I'm not saying the CFL braintrust got into bed with the devil by putting all their eggs in the TSN basket...but with these conflicting CTV/NFL ads and inconsistent promotion of the CFL, you begin to wonder? Isn't it about time for a detailed expose on some CFL dirt in the Globe & Mail?

Another scary item is that CTV is now controlling the CFL's broadband service. Have you tried to Live stream a CFL game lately? Good luck! Even if you want to pay for it.

It's almost like TSN has thrown in the towel and are saying "hey, we try to support the CFL, but what can we do? There is something bigger going on here..."

Frankly, TSN should be running promos for their CFL game at 1:00 Sunday, not for the NFL on CTV at 1:00 Sunday.

I don't like it as Well but there a lot NFL Fans in Canada
There also people who Just look Football NFL CFL Collage other..

Ditto for me as well, I hate it.
Obviously the CFL has greater reach and they are trying to steal viewers for the No Funners.
It does not work for me.

The same reason the network runs ads for Grey's Anatomy, CSI Afghanistan or whatever other of its programming - they want people to watch the programs.

So What? I think the CFL and NFL complement each other. I like watching NFL games but not at the expense of the CFL. Besides isn't this preferrable to watching commercials for "Dancing with the Stars".

The same reason the network runs ads for Grey's Anatomy, CSI Afghanistan or whatever other of its programming - they want people to watch the programs.
Yes, Artie-Lange, that's kind of the point. TSN runs ads for the "NFL Sunday at 1:00" because they want people to watch it. But isn't TSN broadcasting a CFL game on Sunday at 1:00? Wouldn't TSN want some people to watch their game also?? So why were there no ads or promos of TSN's Sunday games, only promos for the NFL Sunday games being broadcast on CTV?

TSN routinely runs NFL promos for upcoming Thursday or Sunday night games on TSN. No problem, as there isn't a competing CFL game in those time slots...but TSN ads for Sunday at 1:00 on CTV is another matter.

To them it’s all the same. Where better to advertise an NFL game than during the broadcast of another football game?

There’s probably not much of a crossover between the NFL and Oprah.

Good point X, a bit of a conflict of interest I'd say?
I don't watch the No Funners, but does anyone who does ever recall the reverse taking place?

So What? I think the CFL and NFL complement each other. I like watching NFL games but not at the expense of the CFL.
So what? Watching NFL on CTV at 1:00 pm Sunday [u]will[/u] be at the expense of the CFL.

Argotom, I have only seen Grey Cup promos on the CTV Super Bowl broadcasts (and vice-versa), not ads promoting CFL regular season games on CTV...and certainly no ads on CTV advising football fans to watch TSN CFL games on Sunday instead of their NFL games.

I wouldn't be watching the NFL when the CFL is on and I think that can be said for most CFL fans. However, if the game is a stinker I could very well switch over to the NFL or even Golf.

Can someone remind me how many viewers the CFL draws and how many the NFL draws? Is there really a threat of the NFL surpassing the CFL in viewership?

Nothing is ever good enough for the whiners on this forum. Can you guys all go have a quick cry so we can get back to discussing CFL football instead of B.S.?

Look at all the specialty channels (which includes TSN): they all advertise for other channels which share a common ownership.

However, if you look at Global, CTV and CBC, they NEVER advertise the specialty channel programming (at least not that I can remember).

So since TSN and CTV are owned by the same group, it follows logic that CTV events will be advertised on TSN, just as Global programs are advertised on the specialty channels they own.

Keep in mind that people with only basic cable or none at all are not an audience that the big three would see as being worth advertising to as they don't have access to the specialty channels anyways.

Chief, I don't get it, why is it always whiners with you when we are discussing in a constructive ctricism way what some of us perceive as inadequacies?
I can say you are whining about our discussions?

I like to watch NFL as well, (GO bills :smiley:) but CFL takes priority. There’s ALOT more NFL games on then CFL games so basically u get a football game every night. Can’t complain.

…what are you talking about?!, in her prime she was one of the best OLBs the Raiders have ever had!!..

Yeah, but her "new" target audience probably isn't getting all wet over Mark Sanchez's debut in Houston this Sunday.

Don't say that. If he looks good in tight pants...

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It all comes down to who wants to pay the advertising dollar. I could pay TSN to promote the Animal Network on how a Pine Beetle eats a tree right next to Wendy's Kick for a million......However, I have better things to spend my money on.

Anyone watching the Steelers/Titans game right now on TSN? A few second ago they showed an ad for the CFL LDC Re-Matches tomorrow night.

I guess you guys can stop crying. :smiley: