Why does this Happen?

This has happened to me twice now: I try posting a message, and complete writing it. Then once I press "submit", I am told to log-in, and my post disappears from reality. It is so damn annoying, each time it has happened, the posts I wrote were rather long. What's going on?

From my limited experience, it happens to me when I take a long time typing the message in. I get logged out after being inactive for what seems to be around 5 minutes or so..... like if I get a phone call, or my boss comes down the hall and I have to pretend to work or something..... :slight_smile:

But yeah, that's probably what's happening to you, especially if you get interrupted during a long post. I think some people right-click and save the text just in case, I just try to have shorter posts. :slight_smile:

Hope that helped.

That happens to me as well on long posts.
When I think of it I will highlight the post then hit Ctrl C If I have to log back in again I just hit Ctrl V and its back

I thought it was just me being slow in my old age...LOL Its happened to me too, when the wife wants the trash taken out immediately......

Thanks for your time.

Its happened to me a couple of times too. Just make sure to copy your post to be safe.

Long post are boring..and should be booted off the site...
I know....you guy's have to get your point across....
But it's alot more reader friendly, when it's short and to the point.

And when we have the option whether or not to read it

…just make your post…brief…and knowledgable…educating…enlightening…informative…humourous…uh oh…better quit now as I have just checked back on a few of my own…merry xmas guys …and gals… :slight_smile:

I know how you feel ZARTAN, it happens to me too, the site should fix the problem.


well kind of.

  1. you make your post and then it logs you off, and you think sh!t, that was a waste of time.
    Fear not
  2. Log back in
  3. hit the back button untill you get back to the page where you typed in your message. Your message should be there in fill just waiting their to be submit
  4. hit submit
  5. Continue as per usual

Wow, thanks a lot!

I don't know if that works

ditto - I don't know if that would work either. I do the highlight and Ctrl C if I remember.
I've already emailed one of the moderator guys with no response...
The time limit- if there has to be one- should be 30 minutes or more.
It think it's 7-8 minutes right now...
It's not like this stuff is secret or highly sensitive!!!!

The moderator "guys" can't do anything about it anyway, as far as I know.....we just monitor the site, not restructure it.....

i lose interest in trying to read long posts. For some reason though, if you wrote the same long post in 3 separate shorter posts, i would read it.

I keep thinking that if a post was broken up like that, the person is just increasing their post count, nothing else. But I do know that occasionally I've read what I've written once the screen refreshes and I think I do need to add to it, so I have made a new post instead of editing the previous one.

Think there are a couple of posters who try to increase their count.
They usually have useless posts or answer questions with I don't know.

hehe.....I don't think I've ever seen something like that, 1313.....are you sure we have posters like that on this forum??

Yes, yes, I done that a few times (and apparently I'm going it again by replying).