Why does the TFC suck?

Tell us why does the TFC suck and why do the Argos deserve BMO field more?

It's the American wannabe thing.
Really who gives a rats rectum about TFC, MLSE, Rogers etc.
Instead it's a shame that more people do not stand up for the CFL and our wonderful Canadian institution.
There are far too few remaining.

My sentiments exactly. :thup:

I don't know about TFC, but world football doesn't suck. It is the second best sport in the world after, of course, our game.

World football is fantastic, the best, the ultimate... for those that like it and follow it which doesn't include me.


TFC really bloody sucks

Why does TFC sucks....? Because they are TFC!!! :wink:

Because they play in a single-entity league where the league controls all player contracts and pays them from a central fund, is simply more or less a business model that reeks of a ponzi type business, not a true professional business.

works for me.

Another loss tonight, loving it.
And yes there couldn't have been no more than 5k in the stands but you guessed it it will be a sellout in the papers.

That team sure sucked last game. They just plain sucked. I've seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked.

because they, like many MLSE teams think you build your team through free agency and has been signings instead of proper scouting, developing your own talent and treating them right.

Its the curse of Sokolowski... Until the Argos play in BMO, TFC will continue to suck

It is hard to believe that with all the support TFC gets they still have never made the playoffs! :o