Why does The Star do this, unbelievable?

Let’s face it, the Dolphins-Giants game in London was a defensive battle and ended with about 2 minutes left with the clock being run out by the Giants and no plays. But the Toronto Star headlines for the game:

Historic clash in London as Giants take on Dolphins

Now the Argos-Bombers game was also defensive but at least no 2 minute thing left in the game and no plays like 4 downs 40 seconds. Man, their team, yes their team since the Argos do play in the Toronto therefore Toronto Star’s team:

Argonauts put fans to sleep

“Maybe the CFL isn’t seeing the upside of the recent hemming and hawing about the prospect of an NFL team coming to Hogtown and obliterating the northland’s little league.”


Man The Star, what the heck are you people up to anways? Your team just won a huge game but no, you have to slag the CFL. And yes, the headline for the Dolphins game was prior to the game being played by why didn’t they say that game put people to sleep in a headlined story about the game. When they showed the crowd, it looked like most were asleep to me.

The sportswriters at the Star hate the CFL and want the NFL to come up here and crush the league. Pure and simple. Maybe theirs a lot of perks that come with covering the NFL that they want.

I don't include Rick Matsumoto in this assessment. He's always done a good, even job covering the CFL. But of course the editor usually relugates his stories to the back pages.

IF the league did die, due to an NFL invasion (and I'm not saying that would happen, 40,000 at the last Argo game made me a little more optimistic) you just know that the Star would run some bleeding heart editorial about the loss of another piece of our canadian identity.

They're total hypocrites over there.

And the team they are pushing to see just beat the Jets (a crappy 1-7 team) 13-3.
Only TD scored with less than 4 minutes left in the game.
First drive went 64 yards and took 10 minutes.
Wonder if they will talk about that being a snore-fest.

At least USA Today got it right:

"Sure, Tom Brady and Braylon Edwards got their numbers, but otherwise we all saw the same thing as fans in London: a snoozer."

[url=http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/2007-10-28-fantasy-recap_N.htm]www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/20 ... ecap_N.htm[/url]

Well, for one thing Earl, the London game hadn't been played yet when the article was posted. So while they're able to comment on the quality of the Argos game, they weren't able to do so the Giants/Dolphins.

I did make note of that CRF in my original post.

But I'm not trying to slag the NFL, fact is snoozer's happen in every league. Sometimes these defensive battles are hard-fought defensive battles that aren't the prettiest. But why does the Star take the Argo game and turn it into a "CFL is boring" type of article? Bush on the part of The Star and just plain moronic reporting IMHO.

Yes, but I wonder if there will be any comments about the dullness of the London and Bills games. Probably not.

Not to worry all you guys who get upset at the star...it is very simple....write the editor....not the reporter....and tell them to provide a more balanced approach....threaten to cancel your star subscription and then hand pick the people who are advertizing in the paper to send letters to. They will soon get the message.

Toronto Stars and Stripes!

Brunt of the Globe,"Canada's National Newspaper" :slight_smile: used pretty much the same quote in his "novelette" on Sunday, waxing poetic on how terrific Toronto and the NFL is..."a match made in heaven!"...and how crummy and stupid the CFL is.

These Toronto writers must be on the Tannenbaum's payroll, paying them by the word to pump up the NFL in Toronto...or maybe dangling the carrot of preferential "Leafs access" as an incentive???

There is a pattern here, and the fix is in.

The important thing is to continue our fight against these writers and the NFL tooth and nail. Don't collaborate with them or swallow the "appeasement" line, that both leagues can flourish together. This is a con. They don't care one whit about the CFL, or they would be pumping up this great league already...not waiting for the NFL's seal of approval.

Brunt is much more knowledgeable than Feschuk I think and is a season ticket holder for the Cats.
I don't know exactly what he said in that article but I agree with his thoughts that Buffalo is a problem for the NFL and Toronto is a much larger market that could potentially make the owner of the Bills a lot more money. I don't doubt that and in that respect it is a match made in heaven compared with Buffalo which has the cheapest price of tickets in the NFL. The fact is the Bills in Buffalo without a downtown stadium is worth less than the Bills in Toronto even with the RC which holds far less than RWS but does have a retractable roof even if it might not be the best configured stadium in the world for NFL football.

Now to the point whether Brunt should be extolling the potential virtues of Toronto as a home for the Bills, I don't know. He does seem to be going overboard with his Toronto is perfect for the Bills, have to admit.

Yes, any writer writing about the NFL and Toronto as a match made in heaven will get lots of goodies under the table from potential NFL owners in Toronto, no doubt.

Today, I'm not seeing ANY coverage of that game. In the football section, all the football links give preference to the CFL and there are four consecutive CFL articles before the coverage given to yesterday's games, which consists of two articles even though a dozen games were played.

I don't see the conspiracy that others do.

I just found the game recaps. They are in a small section on the bottom right. This is what they say about the London game.

At London, the NFL's first regular-season trip overseas [b]was every bit as sloppy as it was predictable[/b]. Eli Manning threw for only 59 yards but ran for New York's lone touchdown to lift the Giants to a mud-caked victory over still-winless Miami.
Hardly glorifying the thing. :roll:

ok I wrote to this SOB!.. gave him a few pieces of my mind!

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i'd put it here, but it's a little vulgar for this site.

Well, the facts are what they are: TO is a big enough market, located close enough to the US, that it makes sense for the NFL to look there. That's been happening for 20-some years. TO's an international city, with sufficient business $ and population to make it feasible.

But...BUT, lets not get too worked up, because the realities are presently this: LA is next for a team. This goes without saying. But even after that, TO does not have an NFL calibre stadium, meaning someone has to pony up many hundreds of millions of dollars before this is even possible.

The Rogers Center is okay for a one-off, but it is too small and the NFL's present policy is to discourage the use of multi-purpose facilities, preferring instead team-specific venues, making any sharing arrangement with the Jays difficult. I know there are shared stadiums still in use, but they are all holdovers. Anything new that is constructed is NOT, with the exception of Arizona.

cflisthebest Great you can make people feel stupid like no other. Im behind you 100%. I emailed some guy there last night he said thanks for reading.