Why does the Search program here suck so badly?

I don't understand. The Search program on this forum is the worst I've ever encountered on any discussion forum. Consider. When I do a Search for "jersey" or "jerseys" under either My Posts or Balticfox I get zero hits some of the time. That's both ridiculous and maddening since I've posted pictures of my jerseys several times.

Instead of just constantly handing me warnings, why can't you mods do something useful like fixing the damn thing? I mean it's not nuclear physics. It's 25+ year old technology. If you want I can direct you to discussion forum Search programs that work exceedingly well.

And why hasn't my previous suggestion of at least introducing pages into threads being implemented? Compared to three years ago, this forum is now very difficult to navigate.



We have a 'Search program' on this forum? I've been searching for that. It's too bad that the search program I was using couldn't find it.

Well I guess it must be maddening to the self-important to have the mods not immediately drop everything and promptly implement one's suggestions.


I'm talking about two years. Surely even to someone with rather "flexible" quality standards two years might be somewhat beyond reasonable.

Incidentally, do you ever use the thing yourself or are you just taking advantage of a virtue signalling opportunity?


Yes I use it from time to time. Never had any particular problem with it.

Okay. If you can quickly find where I've posted my jerseys I'll give you my full apology and apologize for my own stupidity.

And here are two more tips. I've used the terms "Radically Canadian" and "sewn on numbers" in those posts. Should be a snap, right? Not so actually.


Anyone who searches 'Radically Canadian' on our forums might wind up on a 'No Fly List' at our airports.


So I've more easily found the post with my jerseys on the CGC comic forum which has the second worst Search program I've ever encountered. Here's a picture from the post for which I've been searching:

And don't suggest I search Photobucket. Searches there on Photobucket have been yielding absolutely nothing for many months even when I search for a specific title such as "Green Lantern 35". Bloody hell. Talk about maddening.


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If I want to find one of my previous posts or pictures I click on my name icon, then the bell icon (notifications) and finally the Activity button. From there I can find whatever I posted in the past by scrolling down (unless the Powers That Be deleted it).

Where do you find this search program?

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Nevermind.......a giant magnify glass,

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If you want you can always save a post to your own hard drive or cloud for later reference.

What I do if I might want to access a post later is bookmark it. The bookmark will always instantly lead back to that post. I know next to nothing about the search functions or other programs such as photo bucket, but find it hard to imagine an easier way to find a past post.


It tends to return some rather bizarre results

eg There could be a topic trending on main page as recently updated with hundreds of posts yet it gives me results from 5+ years ago
More often it returns no results; even when I know I personally made a specific post

OP is correct an updated search would be a strong want
Even better add forum filtering and you get far less safe haven violations from newer posters

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THE BOOKMARK FUNCTION. Of course. What else but the 'Bookmark Function'? (which I just discovered is cleverly hidden within the thumbs up icon).

I'll have to start using that thing. Thanks Jon. :smiley: :+1:


…gotta admit this made me chuckle…it’s like asking a traffic cop ‘instead of giving me this speeding ticket why aren’t you re-writing the taxation laws?!’

…just to remind, the moderators cannot rewrite code, change programming and/or perform intricate alterations to the system Fox, we’ve been through this many times..but perhaps @K-Max , an administrator, can help?

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Good/Bad/Indifferent still = Discourse


I would suggest politely asking @sully

This is what I get when I search "jerseys" and your name @Balticfox. Is this what you got?


By the way @Maaax, you won't find those things you were looking for on these forums. Unless you meant big chicken breasts, which a lot of football players and athletes eat for peak nutrition and muscle gainz. Yes.


Hmmm... chicken breasts... (Homer Simpson salivation in progress). :grin: