Why Does The Hogtown Media Hate The CFL?

What is with some in the Taranna media.

You have these two yahoos Naylor and Brunt making up some grand scheme of getting the NFL to Toronto. And of course every scenario they bring up includes the death of the CFL.

And if it ever did happen as they predict it will, these guys won't even shed a tear over the demise of our 100 year old league. You know, the way they still cry over the loss of the Expos.

But I think something is very wierd the way these guys just hate the CFL. Its almost an infatuation with them.

They just can't stand that the league is so successful. That its looking to expand. That its bigger then baseball and the NBA.

And even funnier is a guy like DAve Naylor is the Globe's CFL writer. With freinds like that, who needs enemies eh?

But something is wrong when the supposed national media hates the second most popular sport in this country because its not American.

I say fire this bunch yesterday and bring people in who know what country they live in. And who won't insult the millions of fans in this country who support the CFL.

berezin, calm down for pete's sake, you're going to give me an ulcer. This is out of your control so relax a bit here.

The Argo owners and CFL in this "talk" is good IMHO, very good, as the "talk" will always be around anyways whether you or me like it or not. You have to learn to accept that some things you can't control, just life. Go with the flow with stuff that is really out of your control. Talk in the media is spin stuff a lot, not worth getting too hot and bothered about.

As a journalist are they not supposed to report the facts ? I dont want to hear their views or opinions I want facts. I believe they should have been taught that in journalism scholl If they actually went.

yea but when all they ever talk about is negative stuff, and never say anything positive about the league.. that's not telling the truth, that's just them working extremely hard to make themselves look important.

Relax guys, don't make them out to be more important than they are. Sure, journalists have to some degree the spotlight but it doesn't mean that they control how each and everyone of us behaves and thinks for pete's sakes. Relax.

When you add it all together, it looks like a «big conspiracy» to destroy the CFL in favor of the powerful NFL.

Earl If you have a child and from day one you tell that kid their a worthless piece of shit how will that person turn out? I think thats what we are trying to say. Their bullshit helps no one. I know I dont buy yhose papersa and dont watch sportsnet cause they are beer league at best and cheap ESPN ripoffs.

Bobby, sometimes people from bad upbringing turn-out fine, I know people like this. Stuff can be frustrating, believe me with my own life, but you just have to get past it and deal with it. We all do and have to rant, that’s fine and good. But I’m just saying do what you have to do to keep your own sanity in this insane and wacky world. I hear you though.

I agree with EArl. These writers have almost 0% effect on the average CAnadian sports fan.

An example? Stephen Brunt was saying putting the Grey Cup in Toronto would be a disaster.
But voila, there's only a handful of tickets left, and they will be gone quickly.

And I don't know what kind of sporting landscape these people want in this country?

Do they want us simply to become specators? Being a small part of American leagues and being entertained by American athletes only?

Do they want only Toronto to have sports franchises and the rest of Canada is just there to cheer them on?

But their hatred of the CFL, and curling, and more and more hockey, is quite pathetic actually.

I just don't get where they're coming from.
But as I said. The average Canadian sports fan could give a rats butt what they think. And thank heavens for that!

It could definetly be better without that negativity. I know older guys that smoked weed all their life and have done some shit guess what the kids are just like their old man bvut worse they dont know right from wrong. I went onglobe and mail website and complained.

Disagree. It's WITH the average fan that they have an impact. It's on the die-hard (in other words, someone willing to look deeper into the issue out of interest) that they have none.

I saw it all the time with the Renegades' demise. There were comments made all the time about how the team had no equipment bought or not enough Canadians to bring to camp. Neither was true, but I had people ask me about it all the time because they know I'm a fan. If I said otherwise, they'd tell me they heard it in The Sun or Team 1200 so I must be wrong.

The Sun reported that the coaching staff was fired, inaccurately. A team staff member told me it was't true. When a co-worker asked about it and I straightened him out, he just kept saying "The Sun says they're fired" like he was quoting the bible.

The average fan who watches the occasional game on TV is going to have this stuff spoon fed to him (or her) and assume it's true became it came from a widespread media outlet. He or she isn't going to bother to look into it much deeper because they don't care THAT much, they're just casually interested.

Yes they are but nowadays they use the papers as their personal blogs.
The facts seem to be things that get in thier way

Crfadmin totally agree us people on here are the diehards. The average person is like a sheep they follow the herd.There are probably some people that think the CFL has folded or Toronto has a NFL team now. There are lots of people who dont follow sports or news or anything if they casually picked up a paper and glanced on it all they would see is NFL. I remember I used to get my Mom to watch the games for the scores if I had to go out or do something if she saw that stuff she probably would have got mixed up and said something wierd.

Saw that naylor guy on tv yesterday that guy looks like hed have the biggest case of small man disease I have ever seen. That guy should be on beauty and the geek. Has this guy even picked up a fooball in his life?

Brunt is a CFL fan. I listen when he's on PTS.. he is a fan of the game. Just because his reporting isn't rah rah CFL doesn't make him anti-CFL. His personal feelings as a fan don't comeout in his writing. I call that good journalism.

Sorry, but anyone that thinks journalist (or for that matter any media), is about reporting the facts is either naive or ignorant. Newspapers have either been started to bolster a point of view or make money!

Actually overall media in Canada is less "bias" today that in the past, just spend some times in an archives and look at the media of the past!

Even if you want to quibble with me about the role of the media, in most cases the stories people are referring to about the NFL CFL are being written by columnists whom without a doubt are paid for their opinions.

Heck if all there was in the sports section was facts all we read was box scores!(and even these can be disputed at times). Think about it, no speculation about who will play in the next game, how bad is that injury? What trade rumours are there? ETC., ETC.

I challenge you to find me any media in history of the world that only reported the "facts" and then I will ask you why did they leave out other "facts"!

The trouble the CFL has in Hogtown and most of southern Ontario is the media is full of baseball and basketball and NFL fans, so thats all they report about and give opinions about.

Like do you ever see negative articles on the actual sport of baseball, the way you see on hockey and the CFL all the time?

LIke, the NBA is a complete disaster up here. Nobody gives a rats ass about the NBA.

Yet have you ever read a writer in a paper actually say this? In fact its always glossed over.

But if the CFL or NHL do something wrong, hell we get five days of negative articles.

I think the problem here is we have people in the media who know nothing about Canada. All they do is wathc American tv, and think it applies here.

There also embarassed to be CAnadians. I mean that yahoo Garth Woolsley in his article in the Star today talks about CAnada, outside of Hogtown of course, like we're a bunch of hillbillies.

Until we can fire the asses of these know nothings Canadian sports will continue to be marginalized in this country by the idiots in the media.

What a country, eh?

Sports guys always get the right to report the facts and their opinion; even in Journalism school.