Why does the CFL not have an All-Star Game?


First issue is when they would play it
POSSIBILITIES: Before Season, makes no sense to have last years’ all stars in a game this year
Mid-Season: Too many players, especially the Amerks, would just go home instead of playing an All-Star Game, and the effort would be low, even by All-Star Game standards
Pro Bowl style, week before the GC: This works when you have 30/32 teams’ all stars, but not 7/9 (or even 8/10). Many of the top players would be prepping for the GC and unavailable.
Week after GC: Many players would either be 3-4 weeks into their offseason, and most players would want to go home
Pro Bowl Week: Forget about it, not in the middle of the offseason.

Perfect for an NFL-CFL All-Star game, this must happen, the Pro-Bowl is so lame and the most “pretend” due to the nature of the sport in many respects, not as possible as in the other sports to get more like a “real game”, hockey a close second, then basketball and baseball probably the most real of any since in baseball there isn’t much contact. Soccer, can’t comment on that sport.

But would love to see this.

That’s a great answer to my question. I think I would have to conclude that with the amount of teams/players in this league, at the moment a CFL all-star game would not be feasible.

Because all the previous ones drew profound disinterest, especially at the gate.


Been there, done that, it didn’t work

The chance of injury is always of grave concern by employers. NHL all-star game, NBA all-star game are farces.

I would like to see a skills competition .

That would be a TV event worth viewing if they can pull that off .

The most I could see happening would be a Stars vs ? flag football game.

There use to be one years ago taped at spring training and fed thru the year on TV .

Kind of like the NHL skills competition or NBA .

NFL has one at Pro Bowl .

Could have QB’s go thru drills . Moving targets etc … .

Receivers and running backs do an obstacle course .

Kicking as well .

This is the one handed catch with Beckham .

It’s been kinda done before . The Damon Allen Quarterbacks Challenge . It was last held ten years ago in 2008 at the old Ivor Wynne here in Hamilton . They showed it in segments as part of the half-time show intermission back then .

more here :http://ticats.ca/damon-allen-s-2008-quarterback-challenge/

Here’s a short video with Damon Allen explaining his involvement and reasoning behind his initiative with this project .

The skills competitions were absolutely done before and they were fun. I distinctly remember Jay Washington of the Blue Bombers surprising everyone by beating out Larry Highbaugh in the foot race competition.


The CFLPA organizes the all star game. It can be West versus East or All-Canadians versus the Grey Cup champions.

Are League all stars still referred to as “All Canadian”?

I saw the Ottawa Rough Riders play the CFL All Stars in 1974 at Lansdowne Park. I was six years old and it was tremendously exciting. In fact, it made me a fan for life, so exciting.

It’s not really a money maker, in the short term. But it hooked me at a young age, and if I had all the money I’ve spent on the CFL since that time I might own my own team by now.

Yes, to all star game.