why does the cfl hate tailgating?

every year, a few teams around the league end up "cracking down" on tail gaters. why is it the teams(or league?) have such a strong dislike for the pre game festivities?

Is it the teams or the cities? I agree, the Riders have their own pre-game BBQ/party, but that just doesn't capture the feeling of a true tailgate.

i wonder if its the city coucils maybe. i dont know. i know the stamps arnt suposed to have them, but people still do.

I know at Bills games in Buffalo where tailgating is legal, well more legal, than in Canada, they've had to crack down with more stringent rules because of stupid behaviour by some that overdo it.

That hasn't happened here. Just don't be dumb and showing off that you're dirnking in public and there don't seem to be any problems. Unfortunately we only have one small area near the stadium to tailgate.

you must be more accurate, it's not the teams that are against it. the Cities have bylaws and you have to follow them!

Edmonton does it occasionally but they hold it at Clarke Park. not outside in the parking lot.

people were still tailgating at Mcman last year. i dont think the cops wanted to be bothered to stop it. must be a stadium law or something. can drink inside, there booze only kinda thing.

The video on YouTube of the police playing knock-down / drag-out because somebody wouldn't sit down didn't go over too well.

Tailgaters tend to be less interested in the event, and more interested in becoming intoxicated. Drunk people do stupid things. Stupid things done in a crowd can be dangerous.

i apologise, i have not seen thta, and in only made it to 3 games last year, each time i was at the tailgate. it would be better if we had a bigger parking lot. but thats another story. when i was touring in the USA, i got to attend a long horns game... that was tailgating.

The league mandate has never been about promoting alcohol. For the most part, kids who grow up thinking alcohol is a part of CFL football are worse off for it. Is it not illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in an unlicensed public place? Take McMahon and Percival Molson Stadiums for example. They're university parking lots! "Hey Johnny. Go throw the ball around while daddy and mommy get liquored and ruin your day!" Those whom must combine getting smashed with everything they do are lucky they don't all get $170(?) fines for open liquor.

The logistics of how and where most CFL stadiums are situated don't lend themselves to tailgaiting. South of the border, stadium engineers built tailgating(a big part of their culture) into the plans.

I consume the odd beer in summer like a responsible adult, but you couldn't give me beers for free in October, as I sit in the stands freezing my tail off. A Baileys and coffee perhaps. I don't see many others at those pre-game BBQ's in October either.

i would enjoy it if tailgating became a part of the culture. but thats just me. and i dink beer anytime of the year. its possible to dirnk responsible with your kids around(i feel i do it quite well). but if canadians dont like it, im cool with it. i knwo the cfl doesnt promote booze... i can tell by the gibsons sponsorship. :wink: sorry coudnt help it. i often wondered if tailgating could help attendance. i know if they made a tailgating parkinglot and stadium in rider nation, they would sell like the dallas cowboys.

As I know go to the games with my wife who isn't into getting to the games until 15 minutes before the game starts, tailgating is out, unfortunately as some TiCats fans do some of this in the field next to the stadium. But if I was going with guys, I probably would. Well in fact did when I hung around guys years ago who loved to go to college games at Notre Dame and Michigan and the Bills in Buffalo. Big-time tailgating there. But I don't see it as necessary to enjoy a football game, not at all.

i agree i dont need it to enjoy the game. i think it could add to the atmosphere of "game day." but whatever. im just one those guys thats always lookin for an excuse to be a in a large casual social environment

Another factor is that tailgating cuts down on stadium revenue. Every beer, hotdog, hamburger consumed outside of the stadium is potentially one that could have been sold inside. This is the same reason why theaters don't let you bring in your own popcorn.

Accept for the 40 or 50 years that Schenly sponsored the player of the year awards. :slight_smile:

Calgary does have a bit of a tailgate scene going ever since I first moved here in 1999. There was a bit of a clampdown on open liquor last year, but I think it was more just for show a game or two when the Riders were in town (those Rider fans can get out of control you know! :wink) and Labour Day weekend. Pouring your beer into a cup and getting rid of the can was the main thing we figured out so that it was less conspicous. I never had any issues even with cops nearby seeing us drink. Not saying you need to get sloshed before the game, but a beer or two and a bbq with a group of friends seems OK to me. If teams are worried about revenue, then why not hold an OFFICIAL tailgate or pre-game party nearby if that is such big issue. Not quite the same dynamic as a true tailgate, but certainly something to get fans going before the game plus more coffers for the team.

This is a completely unfair and gross generalization. SOME people are only interested in getting drunk. MOST are interested in socialization.

Municipalities are against it because people allow that sort of behaviour from their elected politicians. It has nothing whatsoever to do with morality. It's all about revenue and the tax take from in-stadium sales. One day, people will finally get fed up being treated like children by patriarchal politicians and tailgating will be come an accepted part of the football game event. Which it should be.

Well, it's Canada. Just imagine tailgaiting in a downtown area like rogers Centre in Toronto with 30,000 fans for a game and you can walk around outside just outside the stadium with beers, not going to allow it. Blocks away I know the Argos have a small tailgate thing and for the Bills game apparently people were drinking from their cars parked 20-25 minutes away but no official tailgating area. It just can't work in Canada on the same lines as the US - and that is ok.

That being said, the restrictive Canadian laws does hurt the CFL attendance in some instances, for what it's worth saying this.

Nobody has to walk around outside the stadium with beers. You can't even do that in the US if it is on city streets. If it's in a parking lot or on the stadium grounds then it is fine. There is NOTHING stopping Canada from allowing this, except spineless politicians.

Your absolutly right , as always it's the almighty buck.