Why does my expressvu say the game is blacked out?

I was trying to set up to record the game this evening, and my expressvu is telling me that the game is blacked out in my area (both on HD and the normal TSN channel).......

maybe its blacked out.

Funny..its not July and August yet for the TWO games that are to be blacked out.

it has friday night football local blackout listed also and I didnt think that was ever blacked out.

Expressvu blacked out a game on me once which was supposed to be aired. They finally put it on during OT. I saw about 5 minutes of the game. Get Starchoice.

Apparently its Expressvu's policy to blackout ALL games within the 56km radius, regardless of the team's wishes...unless someone calls them to complain about it.

Its not blacked out on expressvu.

That cant be true. If that were the case I would never see the Als play at home..... and I always do.

ExpressVu did you a favour tonight.

  • paul

Unfortunately it was on because they looked into it when I called and realized I was right. Not that I want to sit through the game again to watch it on the PVR

But after a long conversation with them, direct from their mouths, I was told it is their policy to black it out as the default.

because expressvu sucks