Why does Kean not do the punting

I don't get it! Berry admits that Kean is the better Punter so why doesn't he let Kean Punt. He is a Canadian so it should not hurt the ratio? Serna was one the reasons we lost last week. His punting especially with the wind was brutal. I hate to say this but I think we should have kept Westwood until a better kicker was found. We have given up to much starting an american kicker who's place kicking is only marginally better. Troy was much better as a punter than Serna. I put the blame here on Berry.

we had a better kickier/p[unter at camp in bryan munroe. he had a wicked average in punts and had a dam nice looking foot of the ground, kicking 42 yarders with plenty of room to spare. but he was american so the bombers cut himcuz they brought in serna with closed eyes, and said i want this guy no matter what.