Why Does Ivor Wynne Stadium Have Dugouts?

Is there any reason this football stadium has "baseball style" dugouts? What's the story behind it? Was baseball ever played there?

They have to have somewhere to hide from those rabid fans. :slight_smile:

Baseball was never played there.

The stadium has been around for a looong time, probably someone thought would be a good place to escape from the wind, snow, etc.

The way i understand is so that the stands could be closer to the field.

I think it was more of a space issue.
If you moved the stands back about 5 yards you would lose 20 rows of seats.
There isn't enough room because of Beechwood Avenue.

You wanna know why? I'll tell you why! Because its the best damn stadium known to man kind and all species on planet Earth. Thats why!
Go Cats Go