:?: When it comes down to putting close games away...why does Glenn always blow it.....taking a time-count penalty with four yds. to go....and not giving the Bombers a chance to go in for the winning td. is just inexcusable...and makes me wonder if he will ever have the savvy to be a No. 1 qb....I know alot of people will say he had a great game...and for the most part he did....BUT....I can re-call at least three games when a poor call by Glenn....has cost this team the game in the late going.....we would still be in the playoff hunt right now if we would have won those close games....SORRY to all the Glenn fans ...but I hope someone else takes the NO.1 QB. job away from him next year....he is young and needs seasoning...but I have this feeling that he never will be able to pull it all together to become a guy who can take us to the CUP....and could someone tell me WHY...after the game Stegall had against the Lions...why Glenn waits till there is 2 mins. left in the game to go to him....makes you wonder...anyway on the positive side....it looks to me like Darnell McDonald is a keeper.... :o

because he wasn’t open

I never thought I would agree with an Argo’s fan…but he’s right it’s kinda an obvious answer.

....Stegall was open ...and just totally ignored on three occasions....I call B.S......he was wide open in the end-zone...but only an obvious pass interference call took him off the ball...no not Glenns fault or Milts....but come on ...not even throwing a pass his way all game...dosen't wash...and that's one of the reasons this team is out of the playoffs...it's either poor play calling by the coaches or the QB..... :arrow:

For coaches I would hope that the blame of this whole team be laid on Dailey. He's the one that thinks that the team is doing good and that the secondary is going to work quite nicely.

My diagnosis.......Dailey= joke of a coach

i would agree with you papa, but only to a point, he may of screwed that one up badly but it really didnt matter as the defence crumbled near the end and the argo's would of probably gotten a touchdown either way, Glenn is still young and still his first season as a starter he will be better next year at the things he's needed to work on

we need a better secondary, Malbrough did very well ill admit i watched him the whole time and he shut down the recivers he was covering we need more guys like him, evans and fields give their recivers too much room, we also could use better linebackers and a safety, our whole secondary pritty much needs work

Glenn is the starter for the years to come weather you like it or not papa

It is coaching, the defensive side of the ball is a joke, we gave up almost 500 yards passing to a grandfather, obviously our guys are not very good at defending the pass yet they continue to rush only four and were getting no pressure on Allen. Its been the same old story all year long, this bend but dont break philosphy is bull, its time to get creative and bring blitz packages regularly and hope you can get to the qb because its obvious if they dont any decent qb is gonna have a field day passing against us.

My (mental) edits to above post
Grampa=Great QB
this bend but dont break philosphy is bull=this bend but dont break philosphy is not good for our players, we don't have enough skill to run it well
any decent qb=any good QB

I'd be mad at Taman....Arland Bruce came back to haunt you.