Why does eveyone forget what Bob has done???

He has endorsed the community started programs for the needy & saved our team & I could go on. WTG Bob. You shouldn't have to spend you fortune because of the situations. I wish we all did a lot more research myself... But cheers to you Bob Young.

I will second that!!

Me too.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

IWS2 should be called Bob Young Stadium.

Certain people are not forgetting what Bob Young has done for Hamilton, they are ignoring it. Some municipal politicians obstinately refuse to make common sense decisions in preference for five second sound bites and unwarranted heights of self-importance. Some citizens foolishly believe the couple thousand dollars they give the city each year somehow qualifies them to make multi-million dollar business decisions. It's the football equivalent of the fourth string QB criticizing play selection and execution.

Proof: Council voted 10-6 to make a 5,000 seat West Harbour stadium the "B" plan; people in the gallery applauded.

I agree with the sentiments expressed here.

Bob Young has spent millions of his own money to invest in a team that was bankrupt and destined to disappear promptly without a trace. He has spent more millions covering the losses the team has continued to make. He will spend still more millions in the years ahead as he continues to try to put the team on a sounder financial footing.

No one else has done that; no one will.

Thank God for Bob Young, for without him there would be no Tiger-Cats at all.

Simply put, as in all issues, there are always factions who pick a target, work hard on demonizing them and turn it into a blood sport........mostly it becomes a hobby for them and because they are in the minority, they tend to want to scream louder than the rest just to trick us into believing they are the enlightened ones......

The folks at "Raise the Hammer" are masters of these sorts of tactics.

Don't buy into their nonsense.....think independently and don't be "ascared" to speak out against those loud mouths.

X 2 :thup: :rockin:


I still can’t get over what councillor Rob Pasuta said last night.

Paraphrasing his word regarding Ivor Wynne stadium and bob

[i]This is our property and the Tiger Cats are our tenant

and Bob should remember that!
Well, Mr. Pasuta, without “caretaker bob”
keeping the Tiger Cats playing there

a big part of what Hamilton is would be missing.

As much as it pains me to say this its not important to the process what Bob Young has or has not done in the past. This is that shame of the process. The entire process seems to have been highjacked and turned into a personality contest rather than a reasoned logical study of the options before us and making a decision based on the present options available to the city and which option brings the most benefit to the ENTIRE community. If its about not wasting money then every deal is off the table, they have all cost the city plenty with limited financial benefit that could be acheived cheaper or IWS will win unanimously because it brings the most for the same city contribution. Its sad that this decision will be based on emotion by at least 4 councilors (both sides represented in the minimum of 4) rather than on the facts

Once again out city council as new as they are have shown how inept and amatuer they are. For gods sake people quit ctying how uninformed you are when you are the reason for these last minute decisons. ie the IWS2 idea. We have had 2 years to pick a site that is suitable for both the pan am games the "Legacy" tennant and imporoving our city and all you can do is blame each other.

You should be ashamed. :oops:

Ockham: Also.....some of the comments about Bob Young on the "comments" section after many Spec articles are sickening. There are uninformed idiots on there complaining about the handouts to the Tiger-Cats and how Bob Young has not put in a nickel of his own money.
If 30 million in losses does not count as money, I don't know what does.
It galls me to read about Hamilton councillors and others acting as if Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats are the enemy.

BY is not only smart, he has shown his adoration for the city of Hamilton beyond the dumb*** politicians. Why? Because he realized that his last remaining option (other than walking away) was to go back to IWS. He has always said that he wants the Tiger Cats to stay in Hamilton. So, since all other options are unattainable due to councils lack of intestinal fortitude for the last 2 years, BY has agreed to the best case scenario given that time is about to run out.
I can't believe I am saying this but Sam Murella made a lot of sense last night by calling the plan the best way to go given the zero impact on the tax levy and the fact that the 20 million budgeted over the next 20 yrs to fix the existing IWS can now be put to better use.
So, the last hurdle will be the staff report due on the 24th with the details council has asked for.
So, that will be the ultimate D-day for the city and the Tiger Cats...Council had better get on board and support the rebuild of IWS because if not, it will be over.
The plan B will not be supported by HOSTCO and Hamilton will be left with nothing other than the $9 million dollar expense of acquiring WH land which will sit as it is now for years to come. :expressionless:

I'm not convinced that council deserves fairness, but in all fairness.....all parties on all sides understood IWS wasn't an option until the press conference or I'd at least like to think a rebuild would have been suggested earlier. The team says that this move puts them on sound financial footing for the future, so why last year wasn't this option explored if it was possible all along to come to an agreement that doesn't (so far) cost the taxpayers anything and sees the team making money?

I'm quite pleased that the city, fans and team are all apparently going to benefit from it but the only reason this supposed new found solution wasn't looked at is because we all understood IWS, under any circumstances was not a viable option.

If council was right in one statement it was that they were told IWS wasn't an option, Chris Murray even said Hostco undertood the same thing. Let them bitch and moan about the rest of the process while they vote yes, it's face saving.

After all this I just want to watch some football from a organization that isn't pre-occupied with any sort of crap that takes away from fielding a competitive team.

It was bluster from the city and Young to get a new stadium that would make more money for everyone and would sharply improve the city's image. The thought was at the time that it wasn't worth $93M of city money. It still isn't. It was only after T&F was off the table and much arm twisting by Queens Park that any outside funding was available. We simply aren't talking about the same economic conditions now as opposed to then for the city that allows for a complete rebuild as opposed to a patch job

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I'd like to personally aplogize to Bob Young for all of the disrespect shown by Hamilton city council.

If it was me, I would have walked by now.



x2, my friend is a heavy watcher of CHCH and eats whatever crap they send his way.So for the past month he's been a heavy BY hater because according to him, BY said F you to the fans in Hamilton (not literally of course) and had no intention of staying.Boy did I have to stop him and change his tune quickly :thup:

The best idea I've ever heard.

If I were an aging billionaire, like Bob, I'd buy the naming rights myself, and name it after his dearly departed brother.

Show Hamilton it was never about the money. If it were there would be no TiCats. They have never made money and Bob knew that from the start. It was about building a sustainable team that Bob would watch play someday in heaven with his brother.

I think his name was Michael though I'm not certain and mean no disrespect if I'm wrong. I think I read that somewhere.

The Michael Young Stadium?

I thought the same thing, that was the other option.