Why does everyone think the Alouettes will fail!?

The Als have a great receiving core, 2 good QBs, an aging yet experienced O line, and a very good Defence.

I dont think that they will end up in last, im not calling them for the Grey Cup but I think they deserve a little more respect.


A: wishful thinking

I don’t think the Als will be as horrible as some do. But, they are a team of extremes, their veterans are on their last legs, they have a lot of young guys coming up but are they ready ? And their coaching staff has zero CFL experience. Should be interesting to say the least.

i think people are pickin them to be at the bottom of the east because, they aint no winnipeg and they aint no toronto.

they are 3rd place at best, in most peoples eyes.

From what i have read here, people see them as last in the league. Idunno maybe im a little bias but i see them as a much stronger team then 8th, but it is nice to see some parity in the east. But i do miss the Beast of the East!

i dont think they'll be LAST in the LEAGUE...they'll be in the bottom 4, tho.

i just dont see montreal being as good as toronto, winnipeg, bc or calgary.

This year the East will be the beast as all teams will be more then competative.

Take it from a Hamilton fan, a coaching staff with zero experience coaching professionally, spells doom. Better hope your good D and good WR pull you through.

BTW, MTL's QBs aren't terribly deep. Calvillo's a legend, but an aging one, like D-Mac in his last years.

I think Marv Levy will dissagree

Well one could make the same argument towards Toronto. They have a very aged o-line, no premiere running back, and are running short on weapons. At the same time, that defence lost some valuable pieces this off season, mainly Jordan Younger, and the man in the middle is slower than my grandma. In my opinion, 1 is locked up by Winnipeg, and 2, 3 and 4 are open for the taking. Heck though a major injury in Winnipeg say to Glenn or Roberts and 1 is up for grabs to.

I almost want AC out of Montreal, im on the Marcus Brady bandwagon, i want to see him get more snaps this year. And I know it was pre-season but the back up O-Line that played vs Toronto, looked good so i have confidence.
But I could see the Als being a wild card, so it should be fun to watch.

I think Marv Levy will dissagree
There are exceptions to every rule. Until Trestman proves otherwise, he's not one of them.

I totally agree. Stubler's a first year HC, and is the total opposite of Pinball. So it should be interesting to see how the players react to him.

Younger was their MVP on defense, and he is now gone. O'Shea is just plain old. And if Kavis Reed runs T.O.'s defense the way he ran Hamilton's a couple years ago, it will not be good.

KJ's overrated, always thought so, even through all of last season. Austin is a QB's coach and this is the reason for his MVP season last year.

Ebell's injured, Durie's injured, who knows what's going on with Boston. A lot of people may be overrating Toronto this year.

My prediction:

Winnipeg gets first by a wide margin (12-6)
Toronto (9-9
Hamilton and Montreal duke it out for third, but may lose out in the crossover anyway)

Agreed but you cant assume that having no CFL experience is a liability until he proves it either.

And really.....Unless he starts going for it on 3rd and 10 because he thinks he has 4 downs...... I think its a non-issue

I'll laugh if he fails to convert on a third down and brings out the punting team. :lol:


Like another poster wrote it's wishful thinking mostly by Hamilton and Winnipeg fans. I think they are traumatized after seeing their team beat up on year after year for almost a decade.

If you noticed none of the scribes following the CFL or who have visited camp have said anything of the such.

A team that puts 32 points on the board with its 3rd and 4th. string QB's sitting its top 3 receivers and starting tailback
is not going to finish in the basement of the Eastern division. Montreal has never had a losing record at home since coming back in the league.

So sit back be patient by labour day you'll see that the Als can compete with the rest of the league.

The pre-season means nothing. You can win every pre season game 64-3, and still end up in last, or you can be on the losing end of that and end up in the grey cup. Case and point Winnipeg last year got destroyed by Hamilton in the pre season, but ended up winning the east and having a decent outing in the grey cup, heck they might have won if they had their starting QB. Hamilton on the other hand finishes up 3-15, no playoffs again. Don't put so much cash value into the pre-season.

I'm not putting cash value in the PS games. But if a fifth string QB who's been with the team for 10 days can go 14 of 16. I think coaching isn't a problem. Despite the players saying coaching is the best they've seen in Montreal, Reporters and fans who attended camp. Yet people who haven't even seen this team play predict it will finish last. Predicting Montreal finishing last (something that hasn't happened since the team came back in the league (11 seasons) just isn't based on facts is all i am trying to say to HG.

Could they finish last, sure , some team has to but predicting Montreal isn't based on facts. Its just a WildArseGuess or wishful thinking.

I am referring to the bolded statements above

  1. yes, it seems in your previous posts you were totally putting cash in preseason. Remember Toronto was not playing a lot of their first stringers. Success in PS does not translate to success in RS.

  2. Players may like the coach because he's a softy.

  3. What does past success have to do with how they'll do this year? Just b/c they've never finished last doesn't mean they won't this year. Past success means nothing. Every team goes through down years. Heck, by your logic, I could say that Hamilton will win the Grey Cup in '08 or '09 based purely on the fact that they have won a grey cup in every decade over the past century. But I know that isn't happening, as I realize past success has no bearing on how they will do.

Trestman may be a fine coach one day, but there will be a learning curve in his first ever head coaching job. Anyone who doesn't realize this is wearing rose-coloured glasses.

I think that anyone who writes off the Als simply because Trestman has no head Coaching experience are fooling themselves. Ask Maciocia and Austin....
No CFL experience....Talk to Marv Levy

17 years as OC and QB coach is nothing to sneeze at. Dont forget the Als have the incentive of playing infront of 70,000 fans at home this year(over 40,000 sold for far)

Am I predecting a Grey Cup win? No, but I am not banashing them to the basement either.

Keep underestamating them.....it usually comes back to bite you in the ass