Why does Desjardins still have a job?

Marcel Desjardins should have been let go after he let all of the Redblacks top tier players (save for one, Sinopoli) walk after the 2018 season. Since then he has not signed any top tier players, he only seems to sign the leftovers. We saw the result in 2019 and it continues this season. A new GM is a must going forward.

Too cheap to pay him off and pay another GM?

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You think Desjardins is purposely trying to lose his job?
Ask yourself why if someone wanted to keep his job would allow all of his talent to walk? The owners are not giving him the budget the other teams have. Simple as that.

That's likely the reason. Desjardins had made some great moves in Ottawa until 2019. But after the 018 Grey Cup when they let Harris, Ellingson, Powell, Dominique Rhymes go the team headed for the bottom.
Sinopoli was not a contract issue, he made the decision to take a second career in his early 30s

Them losing money when they are selling out and winning I think put a damper on it plus losing Hunt as the point man on the CFL side of the business was a huge hole in quality control .

There is definitely something going on. they lost a pile more, Harris, Gagnon, Lauzon-Seguin. That's two Canadian starters plus your starting QB on top of the other names mentionned. Even the guy in the lumberjack suit left.

I heard they were treating the Algonquin students cutting with the chain saw for the TD chips kinda bad .

Trying to remember what I heard something about the heat in the summer and not even getting free drinks or something like that .

I don't think they were paid .

I was shocked to hear it .

Now that is from a person who heard it directly from them at the college . So not first hand or verified .

That, and/or, nobody in the ownership group knows much about football to be able to see Desjardins' is clueless about football talent.

They must have read your post.

8 years and a Grey Cup, there is a team in Ontario that's been looking for their first for 21 years.

It will be interesting to see who applies for the vacancy ... it will speak volumes about the reputation (good or bad) of the ownership group in CFL circles ... of course, they could also just fill it internally and avoid the process.

he says they spend to the cap every year...

WHAT else can he say if he has any hope of getting ANY job in the CFL in the future ... throwing ownership under the bus equals involuntary retirement