Why does CFL.ca require Facebook to comment?

Why does CFL.ca only have a Facebook login option to comment on articles? Do they assume every CFL fan with internet access has a Facebook account? I don't have one, and never will.

Why can the main site not use the same logins we have on the forum?

This all makes the CFL look very lazy.

Precisely! I'm not on Facebook either. Too mass market for my liking.


Two reasons:

  1. Comments sections aren't worth spending a lot on, and Facebook provides that commenting functionality for free.

  2. Most people are perpetually logged in to Facebook so we don't need them to clear the hurdle of registering an account.

We'll likely stick with Facebook comments for the foreseeable future.

Here's the league's address:

50 Wellington Street East – 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5E 1C8, CANADA

Why don't you two try sending in your comments via Canada Post?

J/K . . . no idea why they chose to make their comments via Facebook only. [edit: Sully just answered that above . . . but I'm leaving my Statler and Waldorf gif anyway]

Facebook has been proven to violate user privacy over and over again. They can even track any site you go to outside Facebook that has a share option - even if you never click the share link on that site. It's a creepy site filled with loners, stalkers and people that need attention.

This is something the CFL wants force their fans to to use to interact with other commenters?

With all due respect... this is very sketchy and ignorant for the CFL to do that. Far too many are truly ignorant to the evils of social media in general.

3downnation.com is a much much smaller operation than the CFL, and yet they have their own embedded comment system that only requires an email address. They don't require you to join some sketchy third party site that violates privacy that many don't want to give up.

  • also provides built-in screening from dumby account abuse as it is more difficult to sign up fake FB accounts now that it requires a #

The masses want FB....whether it is a turd or not. Market to the masses or the wedge? Seems simple.

3downnation is probably not the best example to use. They are apparently working on fixing their comments section nightmare due to pressure for "the outside" aka the CFL. You can leave a comment with any username. In other words...if you posted there withcanadianfootballfan, so could I.

I would think we will probably see FB integrated in their soon enough. The need to do something or risk some access closing for them

Using Facebook makes sense to me. Too many comment sections on so many sites are nothing but garbage from anonymous basement dwellers who are there solely to troll. That is why so many websites have had to shut down their comment sections.

I don't see what the big deal is. Create a facebook account and throw up a picture. You do not have to use the account or do anything else with the account. You can even hide your profile so that nobody sees you. One account that can login to many things (including my blog site which i have a setup facebook commenter -- shameless plug).

Bingo. Can't trust Facebook so I don't use it.

If I want to comment on a CFL.CA article, I do it here.

You're entitled to your own opinion, and the organizations the CFL associates itself with is always something that should be done with care, but I think your personal assessment of the type of person who uses Facebook is colouring your opinion quite a bit here. Lots of normal people use Facebook. And those people themselves choose how much / how little to use Facebook, and they can always log out to have it not track them. I trust people to make their own decisions as to the pros/cons to use a product.

Don't have facebook, never had it, never will. So many better things to do than participate in that drivel.

Too much?

Not too much at all... I'm right there with you!

Hmm Over 23 million Canadians use Facebook each month. That's alot of loners and stalkers needing attention.

And combined with Instagram Canadians upload over 2 million photos a day to Facebook and Instagram.

In fact several Facebook/Instagram friends of mine posted pictures from THF tonight.

Minions do what minions do.
If Facebook users had any clue as to what is really going on with their Facebook account and the freedoms they have willfully signed over - they would be horrified.

You're confusing popular with good. Not the same thing at all.

Its popularity means millions do it - which is the goal of the marketers and data stealers who want to influence your life in as many ways possible.

Your statement of endorsement is like begging to be taxed more.

Not sure why the comments using your CFL forum account cannot be linked as well with CFL.ca for commenting on stories .

I am not tech savvy so it might be a bigger project than what I think but yes I see some of the posters points when you are already so and so on the chat forum why not just link it and have the poster enter his account to comment .

There is plenty of free and open source comment/forum code out there. But why do that when you can just lazily copy some facebook code into your site without needing any real web development skills.

Maybe the first thing to do is for the CFL to fire its webmaster. They clearly like to cut corners.