Why does Bob hate us?

Here's what I see.

Bob Young seems to have a blind loyalty to the coaches and GM.

By his own admission he doesn't know much about football (although he STILL probably knows more than me) so why not listen to someone OTHER than the coaching staff that can't seem to win, even with a talented roster?

There are some pretty fantastic football minds that post on this forum and they are all saying the same thing in regards to the coaching. TSN, CBC, Snet...you name it are saying it as well. Even the always possitive Chris Shultz is amazed at how terrible our coaching is!

When the average fan starts predicting what play will be called next, there is a problem with coaching.

You can't blame the players at this point. Blame Bob Young for not pulling the trigger on Marshall and Reed last season.

I'm sick of this. GIVE US A CHANCE TO WIN BOB! We're doomed under these coaches. But hey...as long as the stadium is packed, right?

"Why does Bob hate us"?

What a stupid post.

You can complain about concessions, on field performance etc...but don't start this post with a moronic title like that.

This man is definetly not doing this to increase his wealth. The chances of him making money on this in the foreseeable future is nil.

I still am eternally greatful to Bob for what he has done.

I can criticize what is happening and I still demand a better product but he and this team still have my support today and forever.

I agree I’m starting to think Bob is an Argo fan and this is the ultimate joke on us!

You TiCat fans are crazy. Bob Young is your saviour. If he was in it for the bucks, he'd make more by hiring kids to collect aluminium cans for him. Whatever his motives are, give him credit for putting his money on the line by buying a team no one else wanted and keeping it afloat with a bit of style. No one was dumping on him in the off season when the team acquired some real good CFLers at considerable cost. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

An Argo fan

This is a brutal post!

The only thing that I have noted that Bob Young seems to hate at the drop of a red hat -- and I am only surmising -- is monopolistic proprietary software practices in high tech.

As far as him hating the fans, you are joking, right? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

If you don't want him, I can think of a certain CFL city w/o football at the moment who would love to take him and his millions off your hands. :lol:

that be halifax....right? :rockin:

Sheesh. Lighten up. Of course I don't think Bob Young hates us. Wow. And blaming him is no more ridiculous than blaming Boreham, Maas, Marshall or the refs. I'm a fan and have been for 30 years and for the past 7 of them I've watched the TiCats lose a WHOLE LOT. I can sure tell you who ISN'T to blame and that's the fans. I was one of the stadium low attendees so whatever...I can blame whoever I want until we start winning. I pay my money and go to the games and buy the tee-shirts and jersys and flags and bumper "bling" and support the team. Always have, always will. But if I'm not cheering...then I'm gonna boo.



Man, you should be a Leaf fan!!!

Hey, say what you want but teams need loud mouth blow hards like me. We deal with the loud mouth blow hards from OTHER teams so that nice people can enjoy themselves.

We've got more than our share, thanks.

OH SHUT UP PEOPLE! bob is the best thing that ever happend to our hamilton tiger cats, ur rediculas!

Bob Young....an Argo Fan... Great post..I've never laughed so hard in years...... but seriously the Cats are lucky to have him as the owner.

If the title is looked at as just a DESPERATE PLEA then this post is a great way to let Bob know that …


I for ONE would not be at this site if not for his HERCULEAN EFFORT to REJUVENATE CFL FOOTBALL in this city.

Somebody refresh my memory, please, - When Mr. Young took ownership, was it a 3 or 5 year plan ?

Doesn’t matter, really, because the point is - it was NOT VERY LONG AGO that the Tiger Cats were the LAST TEAM ON MY MIND.

So, for the record, any criticism(s) I put forth, are not out of MALICE but PASSION, and INTEREST. As I often say, “I don’t make up the truth, I just tell it.”


Egads, I bet he even has Voodoo Dolls of each of us.

That would explain the recent pain in my back and the burning sensation in my feet.

I should have been more suspicious when he asked to see my hair brush. Hmmmm....

Well Kmarch: You started this thread and most of us think you're way out of line; myself included.
Bob Young has been honest with us from day one saying that his football knowlege was minimal. He hired folks he thought would get the job done for him, and seemingly, some of them might be letting him down. None of this is his fault.
He put up a lot of cash to make the improvements that we are, by now, all aware of and the only thing we owe him is our undying graditude.
If you want to criticize, I suggest you look in another area and leave the owner (caretaker) alone.

Bob doesn't hate us.

If he did, we wouldn't have Tiger-Vision.

I don't know that I would be naming my next child after him, as some of you seem to think the is the best thing that ever happened to the Cats. Put it in perspective. I seem to remember that it did take a while for the Ancaster man to decide to buy the Cats; and I'm sure he was running things past his accountant, and the accountant was shaking his head, wondering how Canada could play football, and just how there is any money in Canada. </Conjecture and speculation>

Bob loves the Cats, he loves his fans (don't get smart), and I respect his decisions about the Cats... now, about the High School coach, and Sir Jumps-A-Lot on Defence Coach, that's another story.

Bob saved the franchise. Without him there would be no Tiger Cats.

When it rains for 6 days in a row and I want to go golfing I sarcastically ask “why does mother nature hate me?”

It’s an annonymous chat forum people! Don’t like it, don’t read. But don’t start saying I’m out of line. In fact, I’m right on the line. This thread got you to post. Good or bad, it got a reaction from you. It’s about the TiCats, it’s not offensive, it follows the rules of the forum…

Over sensitive fans are fun. Like the lady that asked me not to yell and scream while the D was on the field because it was too loud for her.

Lighten up losers. I’m here to stay.