Why does Beveridge play?

Why does our coaching staff feel the need to play shorthanded? Having Beveridge on the field is like 11 playing against 12.

Out of position constantly. Pathetic run support from safety spot. Can't make plays, but just reacts after he has failed to break up passes downfield. He is terrible.

The Argos could barely score in 2 games....defense was NOT an issue...nor was Beveridge...

Offense stunk
Kicking stunk
Coaching stunk

Defense was great...

Agreed. Won't make a hit.

Anyone recall him ever making a hit, on anyone?

Yes...I recall many big hits from him....many....the safety makes the tackle, often, when others have screwed up...

Tackles and hits are very diffrent things.

If you have time, please go on to TSN.ca Video on Demand and find me a few. Bet you can't.

We allowed 19 points in 4 quarters and you are blaming the safety?

If your talking strictly about hits he has made a few just check his profile on this website for one(there's more if you want to check past years video highlights). But I would prefer to see Barker play instead.

Sandy has made alot of good plays that he should not have had to make. He is playing much better then he has played in previous years and is stopping the play when called upon.

Sandy is a good solid special teams player - period. We need to bring the wood on any play over the middle. Not sure if Barker is ready yet - however, you never know until he is tested.

Ok, as a fan I've been pretty critical of Beveridge but I don't hate the guy. He is just not a starting safety on a good team. If you watch him, he compensates for his lack of closing speed by lining up way too deep in coverage. This would be OK if he showed any ability to read plays and anticipate where he should be, which almost never happens. The fact that he plays so deep makes him virtually useless in run support and when he does come up his tackling is subpar.

He is decent on special teams to cover kicks and punts, but last night's 2-point convert by the Argos showed he can't play safety. On a short field, he mis-read the play and vacated the area where the pass ended up being completed.

Ask yourself, has he ever broken up a big play that saved a touchdown, has he ever made a pick that shifted game momentum, has he ever made a big hit that dislodged a receiver from the ball? No.

Any hits he makes are after the catch, almost always. He is almost never in position to make interceptions.

Dylan Barker should be the team's safety and next year Ryan Hinds will be the primary back-up. I just think the transition should start now. Sandy is no kid anymore and at his age he is not going to get better.

Ah no.

Show where anyone in this thread has blamed the safety for the loss.

This exact same thing happened in another thread.

How do you surnmise that this thread is about the casue of the loss? IT IS NOT! . This thread is about Beveridge’s play, and not about why the game was lost.

There are plenty of threads about why the game was lost. This isn’t one of them.

Read the title and the opening post. This thread is about Beveridge’s play. Please feel free to discuss the topic at hand wihtout hijacking the thread.

This is exactly how I would assess his play as well.

Sure take shot,s at the nonimports , while Gordon,s gaf cost the game :roll:

Hes flat out terrible. Never makes a play at safety, never comes over to help in coverage and cant support the run stop.

honestly, hes the worst starter we have and needs to be replaced.

I'm starting to think we should look into an Import saftey until Barker's ready to go.

I would take my lumps with Barker. He can't be any worse.

I completely agree with most of the comments in this thread. Beveridge is dreadful, i'd rather have Barker play and take the good with the bad, obviously he's technically still a rookie so he is going to make mistakes but he can't be any worse than Beveridge.

Barker is faster, stronger, and smarter.

Yes… many many times. The guy hits like a Mac truck,

then we'll have to put up with the "Why does Barker play?" threads.