Why does a Canadian QB not count as a National?

I have to agree with Bridge and his raising awareness to this old rule that was put in place for some strange reason many years ago. If you use a National QB he should count as a National in your ratio.
Agree or disagree?


I have no recollection of when or why this quirk came into being, but here's a thought.

Perhaps there was a concern that teams would simply employ a Canadian clipboard holder on their active roster as third-string QB, knowing that the position rarely sees the field. Then in the event of an injury to #1 or #2, they would simply elevate "#4" onto the active roster, leaving Kid Kanada to languish at #3. Such a team effectively frees up another import player without really giving the Canadian a chance.

(Seems weak, but it' hard to justify such a strange rule.)

I think that was a school of thought actually. Or that it would impair a team from employing a Canadian who could actually help them. In a way I think they thought they were protecting jobs for Canadians.

How about this for a strategy. Have a 3rd string National QB.
on 2nd and 1 bring in the National as well as a beefy Import lineman to potentially strengthen the line to help pick up the yards on the ground.

gerry dattilio where are you??

The 3 QB spots are separated from the rest of the roster. They can be any nationality. If they included a Canadian QB as a national, then that would erase a roster spot for another Canadian.

The best way to sum up the current CFL roster situation, is that QB nationality is irrelevant.

I believe it was because teams started using that spot to add a Canadian receiver or safety to the roster.

Back in the day ('60s and earlier), the QB was included in the ratio. The problem was that, if an American backup QB would have to be one of the designated imports. So if your starting Canadian QB was injured or was just having a bad game, a Canadian would have to come in somewhere else on offence. The supposedly discouraged teams from using Canadian QBs at all.

So in the late 60s, early 70s, the rule was changed to exclude the QBs from the ratio in an attempt to allow teams to use of Canadian QBs. The problem is that it had the opposite effect. As there was no benefit in using a Canadian QB, teams stopped even looking at them, with very few exceptions.

An easy solution would be to include the QB in the roster count, but exclude them from the starter count by increasing the number of designated imports by the number of national QBs. Limit it to the first and second string QBs, and you avoid the abuse by having an unqualified Canadian as the third QB.