Why Do....

why do most bomber fans feel the need to criticize, denigrate and otherwise bury any Bomber player who gets traded in order to justify the trade?
Isn’t it enough to say thanks for the year(s) and move on with the new guys?
Don’t you think that attitude is known amongst potential free agents looking at Winnipeg as a potential destination?

I’ve never seen a more defensive population, one who turns on all ex-players. bizarre. Not to mention mean sprited at best.

Be careful not to pass judgment on "Most" Bomber fans due to comments of the vocal minority.

I'd also offer up that a lot of those in the vocal minority might simply be very passionate about their football club.

I disagree with your comments. I don't think it's "most" fans but a small minority of fans who do that. In the case with Jyles, a lot of us like the trade and when questioned on that we basically have to list faults of the player. If other teams' fans weren't insulting us for supporting it I think the comments on Jyles would have been the usual "thanks - good luck in TO except against us" variety.

why do fans of other teams do the same? i mean really man. i think blue blood answered it correctly. when people are telling you its a bad trade, you gotta justify it, i was never a fan of jyles, didnt like when he signed here either, so im just speaking my feelings on jyles the qb. i dont think he is the answer, i think this year will show us that he isnt as good as people like to pretend he is. people throw out all these stats and all that like they matter, they said what a moronic trade for the blue bombers...

how are u gonna respond to that? me? by saying well when you watch closely.. really jyles wasnt that great, fact is.. when the game was on the line, the guy choked.. sure his qb rating was good but who cares.. since when does that even matter?
individual stats in football dont matter ever. jyles showed last year that stats dont matter and the team he was traded too, their qb showed the same.. heres some crazy reality.. jyles with his 100 passer rating... 2-8 as a starter.. cleo lemon with his what? 60 70 percent passer rating = 9-9.

do stats really tell the whole story?

and honestly... does jyles deserve any of our respect even? i mean rumors are swirling that the minute he got hurt, he packed up his bags, cleared out his locker and left.. if true.. imo, the guy doesnt deserve my respect.

its not just jyles…most of you on here do it with all players who leave.
Its hard to be a Bomber supporter when you read this team board.
maybe better to just stop.
and its not justified because you say you HAVE to do it because others question the trade.
You generally just come across as petty.
Then there is this killer guy…he just comes across as whack. But that seems to be OK here. whatever he says it seems justified because he states he is a fan. sad.

There you go with the "most" again. It's not "most" - it's "some". There have been a lot of players who have come and gone and most of them will get the "good luck" posts not the "you suck" posts.

k…i’ll take your word for it…

still say most are negative…some are positive…maybe some…

....FLAG.....your assumption that Bomber fans are somehow 'extra visceral" in their comments about former players is bunk...You elude that somehow we are worse than other clubs in this regard .. Read the rider board for one example :lol: ...You know the club that manures former players lawns... Don't recall that one happening in the Peg...orrrrr read about how lovingly they regard Burris , their former qb. :lol:...Every club has it's excitable fan base....We are no worse or better than anyone else...I've read on ALL forums of every team in this league ' the tar and feathering' that goes on with cut,traded or released players...So don't try to single us out as worse offenders in this regard....Every fan in the end is free to express his or her own opinion on moves made by their club...If they don't agree with yours.....Hey, it's a free world...at least where we live :wink:

In every sport every fanbase jeers and boos ex-players. Some hatred just lasts longer than others, especially FAs. Both the Bombers and Argos apparently got what they wanted or else there would be no trade. Barker looked at Jyles and saw an upgrade. Mack looked at Jyles and saw a tradeble 2nd string QB. What your perspective is determines your decisions. If I thought the trade was a bad one , I would state that. I never heard any of the nay-sayers of this trade say that Jyles was the hero and the saviour of the team when he lead them to their 5th, 6th or 7th loss.

I don't think it's just Bomber fans. I think it's the nature of the fans in general. It happens everywhere. Here in Hamilton, fans do the same thing with ex-Ticat Calvillo, and the man is a legend. In Toronto, they do it with Bruce.

Likewise, the opposite happens when a hated player all of a sudden joins your team. Like Bruce or Jimenez in Hamilton. Suddenly, they become fan favourites.

In all fairness, I still don't like Jiminez much :lol:
but yes I do see your point and it's easier than most think to do this.I myself have been guilty of this on many occasions.Nobodies perfect.Anyways, there's 1 player on our roster that I want gone and wanna go on the record with this one just in case the move is done.RELEASE BO SMITH!!!!!!!!!!

It's pretty simple, we wouldn't get rid of them if they didn't suck. :lol:

pigseye…heres an idea…why not post a clear opinion rather than doing so and then hiding behind some 14 year old symbol . If I’m not mistaken you are a moderator? if so be clear.

Are you kidding? What about his last post is unclear to you???

Okay, you make a blanket statement about Bomber fans, without citing specific instances or players or even posters and ask me to be clear?

You then accuse those fans of being mean spirited and then insult my avatar?

Are you looking for any sort of response in particular or just trying to test my patience?

Pigseye…do you put a smilie face or a wink after your responses indicating your response is not serious?
thats my question? nothing to do with your avatar for gods sake
You have used them in the past …then suggested your meaning is misconstrued.
So what is it…

Geeze...you're not kidding are you? You really aren't sure...

Well, my opinion of this thread is that it is nothing more than an attempt to insult 'most' Bomber fans, suggesting that they are a heartless bunch of bullies who like to kick sand in the faces of their former players.

If you want a 'specific' response, then ask a specific question.

How about, why does it appear that 'most' Bomber fans have such a low opinion of ___________.

You'll find that in this forum, I will let a lot go, most posters like to come in here because it can get a little edgy, which is good for discussion.

Clear enough? No smilies or winkies, just straight up.


One example that comes to mind with the SSK fans was when Baggs was on his way back to the CFL.They were all pegging him as a legend (asumed he was going back to SSK), talked about how fearful their DL would be, etc etc.Next thing you know he signs in Hamilton and it suddenly turns to "well, he wasn't THAT good here, what he did was probably a fluke.He's going to do absolutely zilch in Hamilton so enjoy Casey Printers II"
Every fan base is guilty of this.