Why do you think we are winning?

The reason why I feel we are now winning and are finally a good football team this year is the depth of our talent. If you look at any position on the team there is a backup player almost as good or as good as the player they are replacing! Porter struggles, Glen steps in. Long is injured, McIntyre plays. Otis goes down Augie does a great job. K.K. is injured, Caulley steps in. Caulley is injured, Cobb comes in. Since injuries are a fact of life in sports great teams are teams deep with talent. They have the ability to suffer a misfortune and keep playing.

Why are we winning?
Obie and the new coaching staff. :rockin:

Because we are scoring more points than our opponents. :wink:

Good point on depth though. We are deep for sure.

  1. A unique blend of veterans (many from other teams) and younger players.
  2. Depth.
  3. Better coaching; better teaching.
  4. A willingness to take risks on the field.
  5. Endurance to finish the game strong and not fade in the fourth quarter.
  6. An emerging team identity.

We are winning because of our defence. Our offence still has a way to go but it is improving every game. As the season progresses, I think we will win because of a balanced attack - both offence and defence will be strong. And that's what will get you far in the playoffs.

I just want to say that with the exception of the first quarter in the first game of the year, our team has played solid football. if it were not for that one quarter, we would be 3-0 and tied with the Als for first overall.

Naturally emerging chemistry between team mates and the coaches is the difference in my opinion. I think this is why we are seeing everyone making the best of their opportunities to contribute when it's their turn to step up. And not for themselves but for the team as a whole.The next two games are against tough opponents but I'm confidant we can be equal to the tasks ahead. It's so nice to see everyone pull together for the cause.

  1. Improved defensive line play

  2. Improved pass protection.

In short, we are winning in the trenches. It isn’t like clockwork yet, but the talent on both sides of the line of scrimmage is setting the tone. When your special teams are playing lights out too, it’s a recipe for contention.

Oski Wee Wee,

And also that o-line is great combined with some weapons for receivers etc. And dare I say, I shouldn't but I will, the distraction factor of Jesse Lumsden is gone.

Our front seven has improved so much over last year.

One thing that really stood out to me is that when WPG took the lead, we didn't crumble like we would have over the past few seasons. We started to shoot ourselves in the foot and really recovered from it which is somehting we haven't been doing.

I think most all of these comments are accurate.

In terms of personnel, I think the biggest improvement has been the linebacking corps…

And I do believe that this coaching staff is the best Hamilton has seen in awhile…they actually coach the players, instead of standing alone on the sidelines with scowls on their faces.

For me, the improvement on special teams is the biggest difference. We're winning the battle of field position and it's paying dividends.

Secondly, our defensive line is head and shoulders above where it was last year. They may not be getting the sacks yet, but they're definitely rushing the pass and making the QBs make some poor decisions.

Thirdly, Johnson. He has been phenomenal, especially against the run. We've been stuffing a lot of guys at the line, which is great to see.

I would, however, like to see improvement on reducing the number of runs for big gains. I think it will get ironed out by the end of the season.

I'd also like to add that I think our opponenets have been fairly weak so far.

This too.

P.S. Montreal looks beatable.

Our new #28 is better than our old #28. :thup:

I'd like to nominate this post as one of the most irrellevant ever.

Guys I saw used duct tape and Put Johnson on the back. I thought it was a little clever! :slight_smile:

The play of both lines has been the biggest difference.

Secondly... a decent OC and a professional DC have been HUGE improvements as well.

Lastly, Johnson and Floyd!

Improved talent, hard work and preparation are the probable reasons why the Ticats are starting to win some games they would have lost the last few years. But last night's victory over the Bombers on "Retro Night" might have had one additional ingredient: a dash of "instant karma". The half-time show featured a rousing tribute to Ticat season ticket holders for forty or more years plus several members of the Ticats' 1965 Grey Cup Championship team. The team they beat to win the Grey Cup in 1965? The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, by a score of 22-16.

Why are we winning? I believe this team is finally becoming more classy with thier choices in coaches and Team operations! In time we are just are going to get better and stronger as an organization! :slight_smile: