Why do you think the CFL don't use Tight Ends alot?

Why do you think the CFL don't use Tight Ends alot?

.......because the CFL uses unlimited backfield motion why have one of your potential receivers in a three point stance?.......once you've touched your hand to the turf you have to remain motionless until the snap of the ball, which means you're not exploding off the line with forward momentum........if an extra blocker is required to say protect a DE coming round the line then your fulback can step up and assume the coverage position, if there's no one to block he can fade out for the safety dump pass.........the pure TE position just doesn't fit in the CFL offense........

I think tight ends are mostly used to screw with the defense.

Edmonton had success against the Tiger-Cats last week running a double-tight end formation every now and then.

Then Riddle Me This; In The CFL The FB And Sometimes The Tail Back Can Take Off Before The Snap Of The Ball Lifting Their Hand Off The Ground. In The nFL The Tight End Can Go In Motion After He's Set Up As Long As He Stays On The Line Of Motion Or Someone Replaces Him.

Um, neither the fullback nor the running back are in a three-point stance. So I don't see your point.

And please, for God's sake, refrain from capitalising the first letter of every word in future posts.

Lions used tight ends last year when they played Montreal's Blitzing defense. The tight end gives you options to block or run pass routes.

And...every reason that R.A.W. stated is exactly why the tight end works in the nfl. Because they are a strict,conservative uptight league :lol:

^^^ Yup.

Sometimes it's blaringly obvious that NFL coaches coach to keep their jobs, not to win games.

"Why do we always use a tight end formation? Because that's just the way it's always been done..."