Why do you think the CFL bothers some Canadians?

Ok, we've all met Canadians who are big football fans (NFL or American football fans) who openly say they dislike the CFL where the existence of the CFL bothers them. I know here in Hamilton where there are street posters put up on the street light standards of TiCats (they say Proud Home of the TiCats), a new initiative brought forward by Bob Young here. And since the revival of the Cats here under Young's ownership, I seem to notice more people wearing their Cat coats and hats, yes, but also interestingly more people wearing their NFL coats and hats. I think it has something to do with the street signs and popularity of the Cats here.

My thinking is that all Canadians who love football should love our league, seem pretty simple to me. But this isn't true, and quite the opposite from some as we all know. Theories anyone? I've heard inferiority complex ie. the CFL isn't the "mighty NFL" with all the glitz and glamour and high profile, best as some would say, athletes etc. Not cool to like our league as such. I don't know.

Well Earl, from what ive heard, there are people who dont like some the Rules the CFL has, to put it mildly. I know people who wont watch the CFL cause the goal posts are in the "middle of the field", as they put it. They despise the single point for a missed field goal(for the record , I dont like that rule either, but I accept it.) Others like NFL cause of the higher talent level, and the star power that NFLers have, not to say the CFLers dont have it, but NFL players get more recognition, even in Canada. Some are turned off by their teams championship futility. Some people in the media just like to heap abuse on the CFL, one local guy here called the CFL "a dog and pony show". These people tend to have influence with others, for whatever reason, but the league needs to imrove the image that it now has with those fans.

          What the CFL needs to do is to more good PR for the league, find people who are willing to be good owners in this league , and want to be part of the CFL experience. Fans need players to identify with, and that is a tall order in any league, and especially the CFL. Players need to stay loyal to the team, and likewise, the team needs to show loyalty to the player. I also believe that CFL clubs need to develop local talent, to show that it is possible for a local kid to be a major part of a team. Until the CFL recognizes this , things will remain the way they are.

The handling of the Renegades reinforces to non-CFL (Campbell Football League) fans their perception of the league, that is, a bush league organization that does not work as a team but as 8 seperate organizations, going in 8 different directions, ready to cut each other’s throats and plunder the other member teams’ rosters at the drop of a hat. Many football fans look at an 8 team league as a joke.

ORR there are many reasons why the Renegades franchise failed, and there is plenty of blame to go around. Poor ownerships , local political turmoil, league indiffernce and fan indifference. If there was better support for the 'Gades, both from and fans and corporate support, then maybe they would still be part of the CFL. D'Angelo may not be the sharpest tool in the shed in some fan eyes, but he must be doing something right if he runs a successful business. He is your best shot at regaining the franchise, so why not show your support for him, or at least look into what kind of an owner he might be , by asking him what his plans for the franchise are , and if he is ready to address concerns that Ottawa fans have. Your team is "suspended" , not folded, so instead of being bitter, focus on getting the team back on the field in 2007.

ORR, but I'm trying to get at 'bothering' rather than just 'disliking' or saying it is a joke for this or that reason. Actually gets under someone's skin rather than they just pass it off as a joke. Does this make sense, this differing between the two?

You have to read the below from the CANOE site when I posed this question there. There is this guy Otis there, very funny and witty guy, I have no problem with him, and he actually despises the CFL with a passion, almost pathologically I would say the way he comes across but I'm no psych major. Anyway, you can read below, I'm mfrau BTW. I enjoy reading our bashers from time to time, it's just good fun entertainment for me and makes me love our league, as imperfect as it may be, more and more all the time:


Okay morons, you had to do it, didn’t you!!! Bring up the F’cking CFHELL!!!

I’m just going to F’cking flip out!!!

No I’m not. I’m going to stay very cool, calm, and collected. Arrange my thoughts in a mature manner, establish the points of contention, present them in an orderly manner……

It’s just the way the game is presented by our sports media that just begs for ridicule.
Toronto is playing Winnipeg. Do we need 4 analysts (trying to copy the US NFL) talking about the keys to Toronto’s defense in this “crucial� midseason matchup?? For one thing we just did it last week when again the Argos played Edmonton. Guys, there are only 8 teams!!! It’s the same analysis week after week. “Our CFHELL team of analysts and experts…………. Give me a friggin break.

Crucial!!?? 3 out of 4 teams in each division make the playoffs!!! Unless you go 0-18 you have a chance to make the playoffs.

The days of 8 team leagues in any sport are gone. It’s small time!! It’s bush and not worthy of the exposure it gets on Canadian television.

It’s just f’cking crap!!!! Just GARBAGE!!! GET it the F’ck off the Tube (sh!t, starting to lose it……..) @@#%$@!@&* AAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


4/26/2006 13:20:35
RE: Why does the CFL actuall bother some Canadians?

Ok, now calm down Otis, I would never mean to get you in a state where something bad might happen to you like a big heart attack or something, this would play on my conscience for a long time - even with you!
But you may have hit the nail on the head as to what I was talking about with the 'bothering' part more than dislike when you mention it really gets under guys like yours skin with the TV and media coverage our league, oops, that probably is a sore spot with you, sorry, the CFL gets. And if you live in hamilton now, which I don't think you do, you would really get bugged walking down the street seeing big street banners with "Proud home of the TiCats". You'd need a real ability here to be able to tune out to keep your sanity.

But yes, I do really think it is too much media coverage which is the root "of the problem", shall we say. :lol:

too much media coverage ??? LOL i keep complaining there's not enough !!!

First guy is pretty rude.

Yeh, he is pretty rude UH for sure. But on the CANOE site, it seems you can say about whatever you feel like.
For me also, not enough coverage absolutely.
But I hope I wasn't too harsh on him, I knew he'd have to respond with a thread like this there, otherwise he would have all the anger bottled up inside him and not getting it out would send him over the edge I think.
I think it's pretty funny, maybe I have a sick sense of humour at times though, I don't know. 8)

Earl, I beleive it's all on how its presented by the media. The NFL probably has the best Media Hype and marketing of all the sports. Let me give you an example.....

Ten years ago when I worked for a living, ABC was promoting a Monday night game. Now Monday night football was based on the prior years winning records (Which both teams had) unfortunately both teams that night were something like 2-8.(Having a bad year!) My coworker was gushing and overly hyped by the way the game was promoted. He couldn't wait to get home to watch it. But actually....It really was actually DULLSVILLE!

That Friday night, both he and I were entertaining customers at the Lions game. It was his first CFL experience. He couldn't beleive how much more exciting the CFL was, how many more plays the CFL had over the NFL (CFL 160-180 plays per game- NFL 125-145 plays per game ) He asked me if all the CFL games were this exciting. Needless to say, he bought season tickets the following year, and as far as I can remember was a season ticket holder when I retired.

But because he had bought into the hype....there was no other league, nothing else could top the NFL. Its all media presentation. The NFL is very very good at marketing and hyping their product.

lol you're too nice Earl ! I would have let boottle up that anger till it explode !

It really is the hype. I've taken note that the CFL TV ratings are higher than the NFL TV ratings, consistently, unless you count a few games in the NFL playoffs. So why is it that the NFL is percieved to be more popular in Canada? Its got to be the hype. Which implies that the underlying fan support for the NFL in Canada is weaker than the fan support for the CFL.

Sambo, Do I have to explain again that you do not get a point for missing a field goal? :lol:

I know, but once you boil the whole play down thats what it amounts to :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you can still get a single on a punt into the end zone too!

pretty much you can get a single everytime you kick the ball into the endzone and across the dead line (and if I had it my way, if you hit the uprights) with the exception of kickoffs if no player toches the ball.

CFL needs more PR, and needs to target a younger aduicene as well as an older one.

And on a kinckoff but I can never remember the exact rule.
I think it has to go out the side but not the back of the endzone.

Ro, singles DON'T count on kickoffs unless a player touches the ball, so if the ball travels thought the endzone on a kickoff w/o being touched (or hits the uprights, this is where I would keep the current rule the same), which rarly happens, there isn't a single, cuz I think the reasoning is that the player didn't have the opotunaly to return the ball.

thrust me, this is the one part of the rule book I know by heart and head.

I think that applies for a missed field goal too, if it bounces out the side you get the point, if it's out the back the receiving team gets it at the 20? 30? 35?...... one of those anyways.

Or, I'm completely wrong, and I've made up the rules in my head. If so, wonder what else I can make up.......

your a bit confused, only times that a single don't count are:

  1. Kickoffs, see above
  2. when there is a penatly on the kicking team (think it then goes to the 25 plus the number of yards for the penalty)
  3. kick converts (I like to see elimated compelty in favor of bah bah bah)
  4. when the ball is interciepted or fumbled in the endzone (but those aren't kicking plays) or any non kicking play. ball goes to the 25 (interception) or 2 yard lines (if fumbled in thouch)

and if there is a single, the ball goes to the 35 yard line.

hope that jump starts your memory, if not, Ro can expain like he told it to me.

sounds like something I want to put on my deleted rules list, I like it!

Careful ro1313....he wants you to thrust him.... :shock: I thought this was a familly forum! :wink: