Why do you guys talk about attendance so much?

One thing I don't like about CFL fans is that they talk about attendance/ticket count, etc.

It's ridiculous if you think about it.

How many NFL message boards have a "ticket count" for an upcoming game...? How many people log on to the 'net to announce the Super Bowl is "SOLD OUT!" ? How many NFL fans call ticketmaster to find out how many tickets are left for a game so they can post the info. on a message board?

Who cares about attendance? All these attendance threads make the CFL look bush-league. I can understand ticket counts/updates, etc. for a high school football game.. but come on.

I feel the CFL is superior to the NFL and can't stand the number of Canadians so blindly loyal to something 110% AMERICAN (they're the same ppl who drink American beers like Bud, Coors, and Miller- blech!), but you really notice the 'fine line' between the CFL and the NFL when people obsess over how many people are attending games.

because the future of the league depends on it, and its always borderline.

The CFL lives from paycheck to paycheck, whereas the NFL has big time savings.

Attendance is what makes you your money so you better care about it! (Until you land a lucrative T.V. contract)

The Attendance is very important to talk about because it lets the world know where the team stands economically. The fans need to hear how their team is supported so that they can do something about it. Was it not you that went around bragging about the attendance at the last NHL Exhibition game at the MTS center?
Plus it gives us a chance to talk about what we can do to improve it.

I think it's due to the natural insecurity that is the defining trademark of being Canadian. It's the same reason the media obsesses over what Americans think about Canada. What they think about Toronto. What they think about hockey. What they think about...Ad Nauseum.

We are always defining who we are by comparing ourselves to Americans. It's been said many times in these forums, Canadians just love to 'eat' their own.

It is also ridiculous to think that the Jets are coming back to Winnipeg.

Intersting, its ridiculous to post when the CFL sells out , but its not when a pre-season NHL game does sell out? Just another waste of space thread posted by JetsIn07. Im wondering, what will you do when the Jets dont come back next year? Are you going to change your nic to JetsIn08? then to 09?

Another reason is the CFL can talk about available tickets and keep people informed which is a good thing. If no one knew about the unsold GC tickets they might not get sold.
The NFL boards won’t talk about it cause there are no unsold tickets. At least up till week 7 I heard every NFL team had every ticket sold at least 5 days before the game so there’s no need for those threads there

Another reason that attendance is emphasized so much seems to be that low attendance is something CFL bashers like to harp on. Hell, we've even done it on this forum amongst ourselves.

NFL main revenue comes from TV.

CFL main revenue comes from gate.

It's that simple. Economics.

Yeah, you got it Kirk ... CFL is currently a gate-driven league.

Also, high attendance proves how popular the league actually is, and makes the games look better to the casual fan. You can't "see" how many people watch the game on TV, but you can easily see how full the stadium is.

Considering the talent the CFL has, and the salaries they get paid from a gate driven league in 2006 is pretty amazing if you think about it.

CFL fans are universally fascinated by attendance figures, especially if they are really, really low...Like 8,000 in the Big O or 1,500 at Sam Cade in LV...or really, really big like 50,034 at the this year's WF or 68,274 at the 78 GC in Montreal. Holy Cow! That really gets the heart pumping!! :rockin:

Let's Not Forget 65 000+ For A Regular Season Game Last Year In Edmonton. But Let's Compare The CFL To Two Other Leagues, The NBA And NHL. The NBA Is A Profit Sharing League So The Teams Actually Get Most Of Their Money From The League. When The League Does Well All The Teams Get More Money, Regardless Of How Good They Are. The NHL However Would Do Good To Be More Gate Driven. Because Most Arenas Are Less Then 20 000 Most Teams Don't Care What The Attendance Is From Night To Night Because It Can Only Go So High. The Leafs And Red Wings For Example Sell Out Every Game, The Only Way Those Teams Can Tell If Their Popularity Is Increasing Or Decreasing Is By TV Ratings And Sponsorship Deals. However It Would Do The NHL Good To Be More Ticket Driven, Then Maybe The Northern Teams Wouldn't Have To Carry Teams Like Atlanta, Nashville And Phonix.

Another reason why Canadians talk about attendance is because Canada has 30 million people and the USA has 300 million people.

Why does caring about attendence make some thing "BUSH?"

Who makes up these stupid so called
" bush " rules?

All PRO leagues have their own silly things , even the NFL.

The CFL is a gate given league , while the NFL survives only through betting and HUGE T.V. contracts.

Why worry about some thing that has nothing to do with the actually game itself.

Checking attendence is just fun for some people.WHO CARES?

Well I wouldn't say the NFL survives ONLY through TV and betting. Do you know how much $ they make off merchandise?
Anyway one good thing about a gate driven league is it makes the players realize they're nothing without the fans

Good to see the game sold out today that's for sure

The NFL has a possible fan base in AMERICA of 300 million people.

The CFL in CANADA has a possible fan base of 32 million people.

Yes , the NFL makes more money because they have 10 xs the people to sell to than Canada does.

NFL games don't always sell out , allot of games don't.When that happens they either fold teams or move them to another city just like in the CFL.

Just ask L.A. , the HOUSTON OILERS , ect...

How many NFL teams have moved to different cities in the last 20 years?