Why do we throw to Brock Ralph?

How many drops again including the end zone toss?

This guy couldn't catch a cold!

More slides, falls and maneuvers to avoid a hit than any other player I have ever seen...

Even Khari (yeah) Jones pointed out the fact that he can't catch a high ball. Forget the injury folks, he doesn't want to get hit.

I hope he's gone next year. No heart.

Cue up the Brock fan replies... :thdn:

This guy couldn't catch a cold!
He caught the most passes yesterday and also leads our team in receptions and receiving yards.

I'm not saying that he is the best in the league, but apparently one of the best if not the best on the team.

He also dropped many balls thrown to him (one for a TD).

He had another hit out of his arms on the sideline.

He leads the team because he has many, many more balls thrown his way. He also leads in missed catches, drops and alligator arms.

His only attribute is that he is fast. On other teams he would be riding the bench as a fifth receiver if he was lucky.

There has to be tougher guys with more courage out there. Other teams find these guys... I wish we could as well.

Desjardins stated during the game that we need new receivers. Based on this year, I don't believe that Brock has earned a rosters spot for next year. Stats don't show the whole picture here.

Umm the ball in the end zone was slightly overthrow. If you're able to watch the tape again after they show the reply you see Printers and Ralph discussing the play on the sidelines and you see Printers gesture saying we just missed. If you want to point out a drop then point out the one on the sidelines when he got hammered by Boulay. But I'm giving a pass due to the hit. The high balls are hard to catch when your coming back from an injury but no heart give me a break. He extended for that ball over the middle of the field where everyone knows the safety is looking for the kill shot. Don't forget about the passes that Armstead and Walker dropped. Find another whipping boy. You're hilarious

How many times has Ralph run a pattern short when they need moe=re yards?for instance yesterday, 3rd and ten and he runs 6 yards!how many times has he been offside?!!!He was on OFF THE RECORD on TSN a while back and he looks and sounds like he is stoned,he is crap!!!

He is young and fast. He apparently has a bad shoulder which could have affected him yesterday.
He is a good 4th receiver. His main problem here is that he is THE guy and he is not ready to be THE guy.
On another team he would get less attention and have less pressure and would excel .....Flick, Petersen.....

The fact that he is our best receiver is an indication of the talent level of our receiving corps.

Here are two assessments on Brock Ralph's performance in the game against the Alouettes:

The "Glass half-empty" assessment:
-he could not haul in a crucial touchdown pass in the end zone
-he either dropped or was unable to catch three other passes during the game

The "Glass half-full" assessment:
-he caught 6 passes for 104 yards, which was the most receiving yardage by any non-import receiver in the CFL who played this past weekend and the fourth highest receiving yardage by any CFL receiver who played this past weekend
-he helped to generate 32 per cent of the Ticat net offensive yardage in the game
-this was his first game back after having sustained a partial shoulder separation

Overall, Brock Ralph played quite well in the game against the Alouettes but, as with the rest of the Ticat offence, he needed to play better for the Ticats to get a victory.

-he either dropped or was unable to catch three other passes during the game
That is the point here. Is he fit enough to play? Yes. No excuses. Either you can do the job or you can't. If you are not fit to play, then don't.

Secondly, he is a pro football receiver. Period. He is paid to catch a ball and do it well. In too many games he has dropped too many balls, hit the dirt early or just plain avoided hard contact. He has even put himself offside and nullified his own touchdown passes. These are not things a professional football payer does.

He has been in the league long enough to be able to learn all he has to. He may have the tools, but he does NOT have the skills or the agressive play in him.

How about we just leave all the players alone.

Receivers get paid to make the tough catches.

The easy ones they do for free.

Ralph is over paid.

How in the world is this cat overpaid.

By my formula.

He doesn't make ANY tough catches. High Schoolers up here in Canada can make the routine nabs he does.

Heck...most can pull down the ones he mysterioulsy (or due to a lack of ability), can't.

He's overpaid because he can't make the difficult catch.


So with that being said what did he do last season. Everyone was talking about him being the next and coming.

Much of the same. That's why I was surprised we brought him back.

Poor investment if you ask me.

Inconsistency has pretty well defined his career.

I see. I was asking cause I was told a different story.

Thanks for the info

im ok with ralph -I like him - he leads us in receptions - I know he gets more balls thrown to him but mayby there is a reason for this. What worries me is that he is our leading receiver. I am not being sarcastic here, but we need more and the organization knows this.

Ralph is playing out of position at slotback - he doesn't have near the hands or strength & toughness to be an every down starter as a CFL slot; he has great speed and should be a wide-out who's thrown to way less but can still get deep some; Armstead is the same type of receiver - speed to burn but not near good enough hands to get a lot of passes thrown his way - those 2 might actually be a decent combo as speedy wide-outs, but they need to be complimented by way better hands inside receivers. IMO - the Ticats really need a big target, good hands reliable inside receiver; Gardner might become one; same for Bauman - who was a WR in CIS ball and has struggled with some drops this year, but maybe due to rookie nerves - he might develop into a sure handed receiver and he has the size; Dickerson as a receiver used way more often out of tight end might work well, but this coaching staff doesn't have time for a TE as a regular part of the offence - they've deferred to same old CFL mostly pass offence without a good enough receiving corps. Time for the Ticats to bring in lots of new receivers yet again for TC next season and try to find a great hands, reliable pass catcher or two - a big name proven CFL free agent might be nice but easier said than done and costly; they might find one via a new free agent or via the draft; they might also think of trying to acquire Dave Stala from the Als (injured maybe but i think totally fallen out of favor with Popp there) - a big target who has shown superb hands at times in the CFL at times and has a thousand yard season on his resume, plus he's a Hamilton guy i believe. The likes of Walker or French are only so-so but might be able to step-up and be more productive in a new season. Lots of honest competition & smart evaluations at TC is key - the coaching staff didn't get it done in that department for this season.

i believe in printers..i have seen what he can do..i hate saying this but it would have been interesting to have flick here with printers but i had to. anyways TC will be key next year. There will be an enormous amount of pressure for this team to field competitive football next season. "honest competition and smart evaluation" will be key T Canuck at training camp.

He is the best of a bunch of real bad recievers, that doesn't say much. He cannot be counted on period.