Why Do We Not Give Brown The Ball?

That definitely showed the lack of confidence in either of our fullbacks by the coaching staff. Personally, I don't care who they use as fullback as long as he can get the job done. From what I've seen, Cobb isn't it. I haven't seen Brown or Fournier, (or McIntyre) carry the ball, so I have no idea if any of them are capable. McIntyre did play some offence a few years ago in arena football, but no idea how much or in what role. It's a good sign the the coaches have finally figured out that they need a big body in the backfield on short yardage, but it's not a good sign for Brown or Fournier.

It's all in the execution I think. On third and a yard or less, the only play is a QB sneak IMO. But it has to be executed properly. Who is the best straight ahead run blocker of the three interior lineman? If it's the centre, the QB gets down very low and pushes straight ahead right behind the centre. If it's one of the guards, the QB gets down very low and slants behind the guard and pushes ahead. Either way, the linemen have to be down low enough to explode and "submarine" the guys straight across from them.
Properly coached in practice and executed during the game, it is almost impossibe to stop.