Why Do We Not Give Brown The Ball?

so ive been gettin fed up with deandra cobb not being able to pick up 3 yards,2 yards, 1 yard and was just wondering why the ticats have forgotten they hav Darcy Brown who is 6'4, 251 lbs that is more then capable of picking up those yards, all you have to do is stick the ball in between his numbers and open a hole for him and he could pick up 4 yards every play

it just doesnt make sense wen it is 2 and 2 or 3 to give the ball to cobb who is 5'10 and 196lbs when you hav a fullback on the roster who can barrel through people on a consistant basis

i dont know i really think that Darcy Brown could have won us that game against Calgary with a nice little 1 yard plunge

am i the only one who has had these thoughts???

Hey.. What can Brown do for the Ticats??

Darcy has great Size
In his 2 years in league he never had a carry at FB
He is an Untapped Player I love to it ..
0 is my Hero !!

It why I have a Brown Jersey !!

even fullbacks need fans i guess;)

and what can brown do for the ticats HAHAH makes my night, but he can score from the goaline im pretty sure of that;)

has he tho scored a td from the goaline yet in his short career? was he not drafted last year and actually converted to fb, was he not a receiver in cis?

just sayin.. maybe he cant yet.

We may never know because our OC never tries.

Two Words.....Sam Fournier!

You saw that refusal to go down in the pre-season game against Winnipeg on the goal line. He's tough and is used to carrying the ball.

I would love to see Brown or Fournier given a chance to carry for a yard. They certainly can't do worst than the status quo. I'm thinking it'll work as a surprise play at the very least.

For the same reason we don't give it Thigpen and Fournier. Whatever the #%*&@ that might be?

On the dumb 3rd and 2 call in Montreal, Brown was lined up as tight-end inside Stala. But then he pulled to the left as an extra blocker, leaving the big hole for the linebacker to crash through. Why not line him up in the backfield as a third running threat on short yardage? And yeah, give him the ball on occasion. Maybe I'm old-school, but I still like the two back set. Keeps the linebackers wondering where the run's coming from, and still provides pass blocking if one goes in motion. Multiple plays from the same look? Or is that too complicated for our OC?

Yeah, its a bit of an old-school tactic, but it gets the job done anhd that's what matters.

I don't know why we gave him a uniform. Can't block - poor special teams player. His only saving grace - his birth certificate.


I don't know why you take slot back out collage convert him to FB

Then only use #0 for blocking ..

The Kid has Great Hands and Size
Good Speed and could get a yard when called on
Plus every Time he gone out pass Pattern he Been Open

I don't think Darcy has every carried the ball as Pro.
Catching or Running
It about time they used him

You forgot to add that 0 is your Hero! :rockin:

That he is .. :slight_smile:

Brown moves into Slotback and Fournier in Fullback especially for those annoying first and goal situations. It seems like common sense to me.

I just keep shaking my head at the ways we find NOT to able to get a yard.
The plays that I have seen called take too long to develop, have no punch and are a complete waste of a down.
Get the O-line to use their weight and give somebody..anybody ....the damn ball and drive through behind them!
Predictable sure...but still tough to stop.

And once that's working and defences start to adjust to it, Brown goes out for the pass. Remember, the guy's actually a receiver and has good hands. Might even work now. Nobody would expect us to throw to him, since we haven't done it at all yet.

Putting McIntyre in as a fullback on the short yardage keeps this past Saturday shows me that we won't see brown being used a fullback anytime soon.