Why do we keep Useless players???

Explain to me how gus like corey grant, Tounkara and kennedy Nkeyesen can keep their jobs? grant is pretty much our second most coveted canadian receiver, but in the last 4 years or so, he's had one good game, one unbelievable game against toronto where he scored 2 touchdowns in a matter of like a minute, but is this really enough to hold unto a job for 5 years? and nkeyesen, i don't think he knows what postion he plays anymore. He STARTED as a rider as a running back, they were going to push him out so he says he can be a Receiver, once again they push him out of that position and make him a safety. Personally, what's the point of keeping a guy around to do that regardless of if he's canadain or not. give a guy like Paul Woldu, who is also canadian a chance to play, or give a younger guy a chance. Riders, i ask this, What are your plans with Kennedy Nkeyesen?? You have a guy like Donald Ruiz now....now its time to cut these wiery Veterans loose. Now i'm not talking about guys who are vets and keeping their jobs, good for you guys, but guys like tounkara, grant and nkeyesen, your just holding roster spots and your keeping younger canadians guys like paul woldu from keeping a job

There plans for Nkeyesen are to play him special teams, hope someone knocks him senseless, then they will have a waterboy just like the Edmonton Oilers have in Joe Moss.....Honestly, just release this guy already. Or can nobody else play on the punt cover team?