Why do we keep getting rid of Nic Grigsby?

Hi everyone;

I am a long time tiger cat fan and follow the ticats like a religion. I realize that CJ Gable and Andy Fantuz are on the 6 game injured list now. Cj Gable is starting to turn out like Jesse Lumsden.!! Only good when he is around but hes becoming injury prone. Nic Grisby has been very valuable to the tiger cats and I think we need him on the active roster with either Ray Holley backing him up or Anthony Woodson. We need to stop getting rid of him or one day hes going to be like.."NO IM NOT COMING BACK"

As for Andy Fantuz, it sucks that he is injured now but Im glad we got Luke Tasker back. The timing really sucks for us though. Im sure we will have Matt Coates play some more now that Fantuz is out.

C.J.'s arm was crushed the wrong way from the elbow when the second Argo tackler hit him when halfway down. Nobody would have fared any better on that hit. Bad luck. Clean hit. Watch the replay - but it is gruesome - I saw it on 1/15th speed on my PVR and didn't want to see it again.

I, too would like to see Nic here full time (with Gable when healthy).

Tasker's timing to return is fortunate with Andy going down.

Get better boys!

Wow, all these years as long time fan and you finally join !
thanks ! and thanks for your opinion on roster management !

In answer to the Subject line question...

in order to keep bringing him back. :lol: :lol: :lol:

You can't keep every good player. You keep the ones you think will help your team the most. When he was cut Kent Austin praised his professionalism. This probably had a bearing on his decision to agree to come back. He, and the team, did not burn any bridges.

I just wish he was better at catching passes and pass blocking. If he was he would never have been let go.


It very well may have been a mutual decision for his release to make him available for opportunities elsewhere, if they had arose.

In answer to the subject line - because the other RBs are better blockers and that is the #1 requirement for a RB to remain on the team. Seems he also had some injury problems and the roster space is needed for healthy players who contribute. Good to have him back for depth and maybe he'll get a chance to start.

He dropped too many easy catches is why he resides where he is on the depth chart.

The Cap, Ratio and Bottom line $$$$ just like calling on Avon ! :lol: