Why do we have a 25/25, 25/25 draw???

I remember back in the ol' days, we used to have a thing called a 50/50 draw. It was really neat, cuz you could win $10,000 or even $18,000 or more.

Now...we have two of 'em. Of course, now making them 25/25, 25/25 draws. The winner's cut tonight (2)...$8,000.

Go big or go home. Bring back the 50/50.

The reason is to help support as many great organizations and causes as possible.

Well I know the reason.

I just don't like it.

It is a very good reason but I think it has also hurt the total number of 50-50 tickets purchased. Last night the combined total was around $12,000 where as it was usually around $18,000 which is $6,000 less money going to any charity. A lot of people use to buy the 50-50 tickets because of the size of the pot but no longer buy them because the pot is so much smaller.

So why can't the team do a combination of the 50-50 draw. ONE fan gets half and TWO charities split the rest evenly. This will increase the pot size which will in turn increase 50-50 ticket sales.

We should go back to a single 50/50. The poor guy sitting right behind me had the winning number. Went down to claim his prize, but found out he had the winning number, but on the wrong draw. His ticket was for the OTHER 50/50 draw.

Does this happen every game. Is there always two people with the winning number. One on the right draw and one on the other draw?

Go back to a single charity per game.

Good question, Dummymaker.

I don't think it will work, because each charity is responsible for providing volunteers and selling tickets. Let's say your charity brings 30 people to the game and sells a whopping 2000 tickets. However, I am the sole representative of my charity and I sell a disappointing 5 tickets. It's not fair that you and I split the proceeds.

Now, this said... I am of the opinion that there should be one charity per game, but that's another discussion entirely.

These draws are not run to line the pockets of some lucky ticket-holder.

Dozens of volunteers climb up and down all over IWS selling tickets
for the benefit of the worthy organizations they represent

The more worthy causes that benefit from these draws, the better.

The $$$ are not enough?

Invest in 6/49 tickets.

All I know is, I'd be happy to win a draw for money

This is the same argument as what starts when the 649 and the Super 7 get up over 10 or 15 million! I mean really...why not spread the wealth around....how about 15, 1 million dollar winners?????

And a gaurantee of a proportionate amount in each province????

When somebody wins 25 or 30 million dollars...what good does it do?

All you have to do is look at that guy in Parkhill who won $22,500,000 and is now bankrupt after investing it in the US on "tomatoes"!

Or how about the guy with a couple of ex-wives near Princeton that is paying off lawyers to keep it from his ex's!

Waste of the money!!!!! Shame / Greed!!!

I'm happy to support the charities and lets face facts here...we have 2 happy winners instead of just 1.

Your odds have doubled of winning with the 2 draws...but hey...look at it this way...you are making a donation to a worthy charity...the fact that you "might" get an immediate return (through winning) is incidental! :o

Yes...but it sounds like they have 2 different draws now. Meaning, you have to buy tickets from two different sellers??? I knew there were two draws but I never knew if you had a winning ticket it could be from the "other" series of tix :?

Can someone/anyone clarify?

Just read the name of the organization that is printed
on your ticket to tell which draw you are entered in.

A larger chunk of change in your pocket can really help out someone who is just barely making it by, woody. I think that's what hendy77 meant...

your right Hendy- just one more person with their hands in your pockets.

I am sorry, but I fail to see how 2 diffetent 50/50 in a game is causing the "total" jackpot to go down as some are looking at it.
Regardless of whether you pull in the $18,00 or the $6,00 (and yes I knwo the 1st would have been much better) it is mroe to the point of helping charities and different minor league organizations out. The prize is just a nice bonus if you ar lucky.
Now here is whnere I may get some heat and this is purely speculation. Attendace hasn't changed to much, consession prices have gone up, 50/50 purchaces have gone down. A+B=C

I was lucky to win the 50 /50 5 years ago and it was a lot of money that made a difference in my familys life as it helped to pay off my farm .please make it 1 draw so someone else could have the help that I got .
Thanks g.p the farmer [biggie]

The pots are bigger at games when the organizations that split the pot
have lots of aggressive volunteers really hustling to sell tickets.

or the more tickets sold per volunteer the bigger the pot.


By the way, pots are always puny at the Rogers Centre.

I think the size of the jackpot has a direct correlation to the amount of tickets sold. You can see that with any large Super 7 draw. The larger the prize, the more chance you'll get people off the fence to purchase a ticket. Not everyone looks at this as charitable or "for a good cause so what the heck". But wouldn't the charities benefit from attracting their money too? There's less chance of that happening with smaller jackpots. In the end, I'm not surprised to see the total pool of money go down.

how much is it for a ticket at a game neways?

the 50/50 draw was not broken
so don't try to fix it
the total sales will drop and less money collected
I for one will not buy tickets for two draws