why do we drag our a$$es????????

the day after the cup has been handed out bc dumps DD...today montreal has called a PC to make an announcement about popps future.and what to my surprise (NOT) do i read about the cats? the deadline of dec 1 is not a firm date....GIVE ME A BREAK! it is not like we just found out that we needed a gm.we have known that for quite sometime.i am sure that in the past year most teams should have been able to do proper research regarding who is available and who will be available. BUT, this is the cats.... KING procrastinators . heck, seeing the statement that we will have a gm by DEC 1 is no longer valid why not wait till say june 1...why not? i can no longer read posts about patience. it takes time to find the right guy, lets not rush into a kneejerk decision, etc. rushing into a decision?kneejerk? YOU HAVE HAD MONTHS TO NARROW DOWN YOUR SEARCH AND BE IN POSITION TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT RIGHT AFTER THE CUP!!!!! instead we will find ourselves waiting till all other teams make moves and then pick over their scraps...as per usual. it is high time that this team puts an end to being the reactive team in the cfl(waiting and ending up in situations that we must reactive to other teams moves). we should be proactive. go out right after the cup and get your guy.let other teams react to your moves, not the other way around(like it will end up being). fans and players will flock to a team that displays initiative, ambition and desire to be the best. it is time the the cats step up and make themselves that team!

Well here is the problem...they only talked to Obie and Rita last week since they were out of the playoffs. If Taman is a canidate, they could only start talking to him now, if Winnipeg gives Hamilton permission.

So what kind of search are you putting together without much time to talk to all canidates???

I agree.

Part of the reason why we stunk this past year is because Desjardins took WAY TOO LONG to hire Taafe, and, as a result, Taafe had slim pickings to choose from, re: assistant coaches with CFL experience.

Consequently, Mitchell should hire a GM ASAP.

i understand about time constraints regarding interviewing potential gms BUT, this IS professional sports and things should get done in a speedy manner. if winipeg is not granting permission then to hell with them. go after ob or rita (or maybe someone else). why waste time? other teams are not going to wait for us to decide what we are doing.also, as you stated, they talked to ob and rita last week. if BT is not available or there is nobody else on the radar, why can we not have a gm in place by the end of this week? the sooner there is a gm, coaching staff can be in place, play books made, recruiting etc...the longer we wait, the tougher this process will be...and must i remind you of what happens when you throw together a coaching staff at the last minute? :frowning: (3-15)

I read this in the Spectator

Scullers Delay Job Shuffles

"Hamilton president Scott Mitchell has
requested permission to speak to Rita.

Asked if he'd denied Mitchell's request,

Pelley would only say,

"I'm confident Adam Rita will be a member
of the Argo family for many years to come."

Apparently, they're not letting the Ticats
formally interview Adam Rita just yet
while their football operations staff is unsettled.

They are waiting until David Cynamon returns next week
and also to find out what Pinball Clemens is doing.

if winipeg is not granting permission then to hell with them.
Well, Winnipeg was in the GC and there is no one in their right mind that would let you speak to their GM during that time. Obie has been spoken to, Rita was or wasn't given permission. I understand your reasoning to get someone in ASAP but you do have to understand that there is more to the process then just hiring someone.

It is only 2 days since the GC, I think it is more than reasonable to give the Cats until the end of the week to interview all potentials, narrow the canidates, interview those and then make the final decision.

other teams are not going to wait for us to decide what we are doing.also, as you stated, they talked to ob and rita last week.
The only teams that could be looking for a new GM are Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg. And there is a good chance that all those teams will keep their GM's of this year. So, if Obie is interested, he has made it clear that he is only interested in Hamilton and Toronto. Toronto would be eliminated being if Rita isnt their guy they already have his replacement.

Frankly, I don't even know why RITA is a candidate. If I were searching, I would pick RITA last. Never really liked the guy; he is too quick on the trigger gun; and looked how he completely messed up by releasing Kent Austin (so did we, buy not picking him up), who ends up winning the cup.
Not exactly what I would call knowing your staff...
The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

The two cases you stated were totally different. Those teams were cutting guys. We are trying to hire someone to run our team. Getting rid of Dickenson and firing Popp as coach are much easier decisions. Now, BC has to go sign a new QB and Montreal has to find a new coach. Trust me, they won't have those holes filled by December 1st either.

Chill out guy, it's better to take our time and get it right than to rush a decision and make the wrong choice. Now if you don't like who they end up hiring, well then feel free to let your opinion be known.