Why do the Riders play like this sometimes?

Our defense for the most part tonight was great! :slight_smile: Patrick with 3 picks was awesome..

but what the hell is the matter with our offense???

who's at fault?

are we calling stupid plays?

is Durant making bad reads?

or is there more to it? like extremely weak special teams?

in my opinion Dominic Dorsey needs to go. he just doesn't have it anymore.

Wow! I'm Back! Finally!

Anyways, every team plays like this sometimes. Montreal played like this and lost to Toronto, Hamilton played like this and lost to the Riders, Calgary played like this and lost . . . once. You get the picture.

Doug Berry is a suspect OC, IMO. I also believe our return team looked terrible.

As for Durant, he goes for those risky throws a lot. Sometimes he shoots it up there, sometimes he goes where it's too crowded. He doesn't like giving up on the play which can also lead to INTs and fumbles, as we saw tonight. He doesn't like to give up, I say that's a good quality but he still needs to work on his decision making. There was a throw away during this game where it looks like DD wasn't sure if he wanted to throw it out of bounds or try to complete a risky one and he kinda' just lobbed it near the sideline. That is the dangerous stuff.

ya I just couldn't figure it out, why he stunk today.

he started off well yet he couldn't make the big play when we needed it.

Give credit to the Eskimo defense down by 14 and they totally picked it up they where hitting hard reacting to the ball. I thought the rider recievers where tenative on there routes which is to give credit to an inspired Eskimo Defence.

Not mentioning any names, but some individuals write a cheque with their mouth that their butt can't cash.

Too many ex-bombers on the team now. lol

Montreal piled up 450 yards of offense and Calvillo threw for three TDs in the loss; we were beaten by the big plays (Owens screen TD, Christian's kick-return TD). Not quite the same as what happened to the Riders last night, where Edmonton held Durant & co. off the scoresheet for three quarters.

Berry is fine as OC. Edmonton was desperate to win and their defense had something to prove after the humiliation against Calgary. Sometimes, you just have to give the other team credit and move on.

Sk doesn't need to worry, your in the Playoffs and in the CFL that's all you need ! Probably finish 2nd and it will be a CGY SK WF !

They play like that because durrant learned from burris. Sometimes good sometimes not

Did anyone stop to think that maybe Saskatchewan isn't as good as people think? Everyone was ready to anoint Durant as the best in the league (some, possibly best in CFL history :?) when he's only in his second year as a starter. Dressler, for all the good he has done, disappears for games at a time. The "Canadian Air Force" sometimes doesn't show up. The Defense suffered some major losses. I think the Riders, not dissimilar to Hamilton to start the season, believed their own hype. Yes, they were coming off a Grey Cup appearance. Yes, they are 5-3. Yes, they will still make the playoffs. But they are not a juggernaut, they will not steamroll over every other team and they are not the best team in the CFL. Heck, they're not even the best team in the West Division. They could still win the whole thing, but it won't be as easy as some thought when the season started.

X2 :thup:

It's a 18 game schedule your not going to win them all, especially on the road !

I said last week either on here or on Riderfans - this was a classinc trap game. On the road, weak opponent, game you should win in a walk, and a big home game the following week.

And it became a trap game.

DD was off all night. The reads didn't seem to come easy to him, his accuracy was dreadful. He played like he was thinking too much.

Without being there, it's hard to tell if he missed open reads, if guys were that well-covered, or what.

But our D was lights out.


Who said Durant was the best in CFL history? Blogskee, quit putting the hippies in the same category as the rational Rider fans.

Our O-line is weak at best this year. That is where the problems are. Durat always has a bad day when our O-line has a bad day.

I do give credit to the Eskimos, although I never wrote them off once this year (and I still don't). The Riders wouldn't have lost this game if there wasn't a capable team playing them. Eskimos were never out of the runnings once this season and I don't expect that to change.

But in reality, most of our problems are in our O-line.

our problem is that Durant is making too many mistakes.

That's like saying we lost because Edmonton scored more points. That offers no insight and no solution . . . well done.

Good teams play poor games. The Riders lost to Hamilton last season in a game they should have won, but yet still managed to make it to the Grey Cup. The New Orleans Saints lost to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season in a game that on paper they should have won, but managed to win the Super Bowl.

There is nothing drastically wrong with the team. There are, like on any team, areas that need to be improved (Special teams for instance).

We are beatable, but the Riders more often then not give it everything they have got. That is why we have had success in recent years.

I dont know why so many fans on here want to crown Calgary the Grey Cup champions right now. Calgary plays Saskatchewan twice at Mosaic. The score board in the first meeting didnt tell the whole story. It was a close game up until the fourth quarter. You can be assured that the Riders will play better in the upcoming matchups then they did at McMahon. Calgary is a good team, but still have yet to play Montreal or Saskatchewan at Mosaic.

There was a thread started last week that's titled "The Next Doug Flutie" and the OP stated that they believed Darian Durant was the next Doug Flutie.


Unless I miss my guess the OP was not a Rider fan.. so its not the Rider fans making that kind of a comment. The problems are the Rider return game, Dorsey is making poor decisions.. he is running 20 to 30 yds across the field to get 3 yard up the field, letting balls bounce, not picking up the ball and running with it and trying to use dekes that defenders are not biting on.. time to get Hugh Charles as a returner. Even Stu Foord did a better job than Dorsey. Even if he got 15 yds per return, the Riders could have been in FG range on stalled drives rather than punt from 55 yd line or their ow 50.. I counted at least 3 or 4 of those types of punts Saturday.

BTW-- every Rider fan who posted on that thread disagreed with the author's statement...