Why do the Riders always seem to miss the step to greatness?

So as we know, the Riders aren't exactly known for winning!..

we are more known for choking and gaffes and losing when it's needed! (for the best of the league)

through out our history we have had many a game where they should have won but didn't.

we went 23 years without a Grey Cup win, many Grey Cups where we should have won it but didn't.

I think the best example is the Ottawa Victory Gabriel was open and scored.. should have been our game.

and of course the 2009 Grey Cup... sigh.

but ya we have had many big games where we've blown it.

Why is it that we seem to be famous for it?

It's likely a curse or something. It seems they have a hard time Seizing opportunity. I won't say it never happens but....

Not enough fan support...

ahem, trying to have a serious discussion in the topic here.. :roll:

Winning is a culture, it doesn't just happen, but then again so is loosing. Winning is contagious, where as loosing is more like a disease. Kenny M can change this. He has the abilities to change this. The players will respond to him, but he needs to grab a hold of the reigns of this team and lead them. Hopefully we have more to show for the teams 100yrs. at the end of this season, than just a bunch of pink slips. Its time to bring the cup home!!!

I still believe they can win. The 1st quarter of the past few games we have seen some pretty good offensive play calling, but then it stops. Me and my friends were watching replay of a couple games today and all said the same thing...it is almost like they are testing parts of a playbook, seeing if it works, then pull back not wanting to reveal too much. Maybe they are holding some plays tight to their chest, because they have a few forms that are working offensively, but not using them. I am not sure if it true, and even if it is, I am not sure I agree with the ideology, BUT I suppose if they have been working on shaking up the playbook, why would they reveal the full package in games that mean nothing in the standings. It is weird, because the offense has looked happy at the start of the last 4 or 5 games, but pissed after the 1st when the play calling changed.

but it is weird that they have been walking away from working playsets so early in games.

It's like some type of weird alien experiment. How long will these people support a team that constantly implodes year after year? It's too bizarre for it to be happening on it's own.

and were are green....just like the lil martian buggers running the experiment.


I gotta make a set of antennae for the game. Nobody will get it unless they read it here. But man will I laugh my ass off.

Cmon yall...anyone going to the game post here if you are willing to join me!!!!!!!!!!

here are some links to pics if your imagination is temporarily devoid!

[url=http://www.perthstreetbikes.com/73254/Digital-Channel-9-cutting-out/TinFoilHatPootie.jpg]http://www.perthstreetbikes.com/73254/D ... Pootie.jpg[/url] [url=http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_h4BqunlrCxc/Suce0Yv8OvI/AAAAAAAAAD4/1iJTZL9Rgzc/s320/Antenna%2Bcat.jpg+%28JPEG+Image,+300x257+pixels%29_1256590623560.png]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_h4BqunlrCxc/S ... 623560.png[/url]

I'll be watching the TV for antennas in the crowd.

PS: your cat doesn't look to impressed with the head gear. Not liking the experiment, but neither are Rider fans.